Monday, February 10, 2014

Besides Bob Costas, you need another reason to blow off the MSNBC Olympics?

Look no further.  I'm done with them.

NBC Commentator's Wardrobe Shows Support for LGBT

But really, it is not about politics.

Ex-Olympic skater and current NBC Commentator for the Sochi games Johnny Weir is not shy about protesting Russia's homosexual laws live on air, if his wardrobe has anything to say about it.
Weir has appeared with full makeup -- blush, lipstick, etc. -- as well as silk blouses and gaudy jewelry. Hairstyles have ranged form piled on top to a braided tiara (seen below). This was his plan from the beginning, as reports:
[My wardrobe will be a] cross between Coco Chanel and Brooks Brothers” with a hint of “Stanley Tucci’s character in the Hunger Games without the blue hair.
Even though Weir says he is showing support for the LGBT community, some feel this is not enough and want to see more aggressive protests. Weir recognizes this tension:
There is very little gray on this. It’s very black and white to a lot of people. If I support the Olympics I’m anti gay people. If I take the other side, a lot of people will see me choosing the LGBT community over the Olympics.
Ironically, Weir insists that this is not about politics:
The Olympics are supposed to be about these wonderful athletes who are chasing these lifelong dreams, not politics.
Weir wins the gold for dishonesty.


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