Thursday, January 23, 2014

Whatever is Mussolini Mikey going to do now?

So, State Rep. Liz Pike (R-18) has another speed bump that is on a quest to burn herself to a cinder in her forlorn hope of defeating Our Liz.

Maureen Willingham, a woman with a lot of money who, apparently, needs a hobby (And what better hobby than to become a legislator?) has filed a C1 with the Public Disclosure Commission... and who, rumor has it, has drawn the "wife of Steve," Heather Stuart, as the one running her campaign... which, she will lose.

The problem?

Mussolini Mikey Briggs has been aiming his inconsiderable talent and total arrogance platform at Pike, who is smart enough to pretty much do the exact opposite of whatever Mussolini wants.

Mikey, a huge CRC Scammer, still doesn't understand that the people of the 18th District hate the CRC almost as much as they hate democrats in government.


Willingham, with the imprimatur of the downtown mafia as illustrated by Frau Stuart's involvement in her campaign; also will fail to understand that, which dooms her campaign even more than her party affiliation.

That said, whatever will Mikey do?

There's no way he can defeat Willingham and her check book.  Does that mean he crawls back under his rock?

Democrats, of course, can no more win in the 18th than Republicans can win in the 49th: generally, either running in either district is a waste of time: this no exception.

The best chance Willingham had was running against do-nothing Rep. Brandon Vick, who's been mailing it in since he got elected.

Will Vick prove a decent secondary target for Mussolini's ego?

No matter: I expect an announcement of a primary challenge from a Republican actually interested in performing the duties of state representative as opposed to warming a seat and picking up a check... so there's a likelihood that Vick may not survive to the general to find out.

Decisions, decisions.  And how it sucks to be Mussolini Mikey.

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