Thursday, January 16, 2014

Unions take another face shot: Amazon employees... "No thanks."

I make no bones about it: unions are, essentially, organized crime that owns the left: corrupt blood suckers to be disdained as they gradually sink into the dustbin of history.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has shown the way, followed by Michigan (Can you believe it... MICHIGAN???) Governor Rick Snyder layed a huge smackdown of union slime when they shepherded right to work legislation through the process that has resulted in those formerly union bastions becoming much freer states.

Today, Amazon workers at a warehouse in Delaware voted 21 to 6 to tell the union to get stuffed as they rejected the enslavement of the vampire of the working men and women of both the private AND public sectors.

They'll keep trying, of course... and the people will keep rejecting them. 

People aren't nearly as stupid as they once were.

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