Wednesday, January 29, 2014

So why did I blow off the SOTU?

A bunch of people on Facebook yesterday were asking if others out there going to be watching the State of the Union speech or, as one particularly interesting individual put it, the “State of the Coup” speech.

My response was, “no, I’ll be watching a live streaming video feed of the polar ice cap expanding.  That'd be a great deal more exciting, and much more truthful.”

It’s reasonable to presume that I’m something of an uber-political junkie.  Given that once a year the president stands there in front of everybody, and selectively ruminates about what he claims he has done and what he claims he will do, why would I pass that up?

I could take this opportunity to rail against the current cardboard cutout of what a genuine president is supposed to be…  But to what end?

The president’s approval ratings speak far more eloquently than my meager effort here.  There’s really no point in going into specifics as to why this president is the pent ultimate liar in American politics at the national level…  Sort of a nationwide version of our own local mayor of the Vancouver Soviet.

But that he is such a liar effectively made the State of the Union address a complete and utter waste of time.  I have no respect for this president.  Merely uttering that statement on the part of many on the left would condemn me as a racist, or at least some other form of blasphemer, because their god is infallible.  The mere fact that he uses the Constitution as his latest form of toilet paper, is unremarkable and not worthy to be discussed in their view.  Had anybody with an "R" after their name abused the Constitution in this manner… They be rioting in the streets of course, but situational ethics is the meme of the left.

And that’s a shame.  This is one of those times in a nation’s history when we have to believe in the president, believe in his vision, and even believe in his competence.  Unfortunately for us all and our unborn generations, there’s nothing to believe in here except a sure and certain knowledge that future generations are going to have to deal with the damage that this moron has cost our country.

So I did not bother to watch the SOTU last night.  I’m sure that I was joined by tens of millions of others equally disillusioned by a man who could have been great, but who instead acted on his baser political instincts to the detriment of us all.

It’s particularly difficult when you look at the options, and you see that neither party is worthy of our support as both parties have betrayed this country, all in the name of keeping their jobs in the Congress of the United States.

I want to believe.  I’m educated to believe.  I’ve worn this nation’s uniform as a sign of my belief.  But when I see these kids being tossed into a political meat grinder for no apparent military reason and I see them suffering as a result of the social engineering that’s gone on in our Armed Forces in the middle of a war, all to make points on the cocktail circuit, I become disheartened and depressed at their sacrifice.

It’s why today, I’ve been successful in keeping my son from enlisting in the military.  How can I advocate that he do something that even after my 14 odd years of service I can no longer believe in?

There does not appear to be a single area of government that has not suffered under the “leadership” of this sorry individual.  All areas of policy are proven to be a disaster: domestic, foreign, military.  Our nation’s economy is buried in debt; trees are mowed down by the millions to print money that has absolutely nothing to back it up.

Both parties appear desirous to go off the cliff into the abyss of bankruptcy and pain.  The Democrats want us to sprint full speed off that cliff, while Republicans want us to saunter off of it at a somewhat more sedate pace.  But neither side appears to give a damn that we are heading towards a cliff.…  And the closer we get to that cliff, the more difficult it will be to change course.

So yeah, I admit it, I blew off the State of the Union.  I also blew off Cathy McMorris’s response.  Longtime readers know how “highly” I think of Congresswoman McMorris, who is single-handedly responsible for throwing the spare parts together she had laying around her office that has resulted in that worthless, totally vacuous waste of skin representing this district in the House of Representatives, Jaime Herrera.

Someone much smarter than I once pointed out that because Congress is the organization responsible for budgeting for this country, the reason we have such a horrific debt ($17 trillion and counting) is because Congress wants that.  The allegedly Republican-controlled US House of Representatives is fully capable of just putting their foot down and saying “no.”  And instead, they’ve chosen to keep their feet up and say “yes.”

In the best of all worlds, Republican tenets would actually mean something.  But as they gear up to cave on the illegal alien issues confronting us by granting them amnesty, as they’ve already been rolled on the issues of raising the budget ceiling, Obama care, failing to have the balls to back up their efforts to filibuster the last abortion of a budget, once again I have to ask the question: what the hell difference does it make what side's in charge?  They’re both equally inept and incompetent.  They can’t see the forest for the trees.  And because of them, every day we sink additional billions into debt… Billions that untold generations will be held responsible for.

I didn’t watch the State of the Union speech last night because I knew it was going to be both disgusting and disheartening.  And right now?

We’ve had enough of that.

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