Wednesday, January 29, 2014

So, got a mailer from Representative Brandon Vick.

“2013 Legislative Review” it says.

It's an 8.5 x 11, what's known in the business as a "trifold" mailer.

I looked it over very carefully, because I wanted to know exactly what Brandon Vick has done since he was elected to office and went up to Olympia.

And you know what?  I couldn't find anything.

Oh, there was no shortage in the mailer about what the caucus has accomplished…  Just a horrific shortage of detail concerning what Representative Brandon Vick has accomplished

1/6th of the mailer was devoted to stuff that the Republican caucus did…  But not one word talked about what Brandon Vick did.

The language is kind of parsed.  It says: "Successes! In 2013 my fellow House Republicans and I:"

Solved every problem in the Western world.

As I read this, I looked down at it and asked myself the following question: if some other Republican besides Brandon Vick had been elected…  Would we be reading anything different?

In short, for me the question is: what difference did Brandon Vick make?

You see, Brandon Vick did not introduce a single piece of legislation for the entire year.

Let me repeat that:

Brandon Vick did not introduce a single piece of legislation for the entire year.

Oh, it’s not that he couldn’t introduce legislation…  Liz Pike, who was elected at the same time as Vick, introduced legislation, and some of it I believe has been signed into law.

No, Vick didn’t introduce any legislation because legislation takes time.  You have to go to committee meetings.  You have to testify.  You have to arrange for somebody in the Senate to carry the water on your bill.

In short…  You have to work it, to get a bill passed.

And it does not appear to me that at any point in this process was Brandon Vick interested in working.  And nothing in this mailer indicates that he will introduce any legislation.

That is not to say that he hasn't…  Or that he won't…  But if he had or has…  This mailer doesn't say anything about it.

You see, that's the problem I have with Brandon.  I asked him to do two simple things when he was party chair; neither one of them happened, (restart the newsletter, and do something about that god-awful website.)  Although he had many excuses as to why they didn't happen.

So, he gets elected to the legislature, and he decides because he so busy outside the legislature, that he's not going to be bothered to introduce any legislation because in his mind there's obviously nothing that needs to be legislated.

That, of course, is absurd on its face. And that's why he needs to go. He has done, and likely will do, absolutely nothing deserving of reelection to the state legislature.

Because if he had, we be reading all about it in his mailer.

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