Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Decisions, decisions: Mussolini Mikey… Or do-nothing Vick.

As I suspected, Mussolini Mikey has been deterred from his favorite target, State Representative Liz Pike (R-18) with the arrival of her likely next victim Maureen Winningham.  The only other target he had left was our local do-nothing state representative, Brandon Vick.

Since both of these guys set the bar at such an incredibly low level; Mikey for his incredible arrogance and stupidity, Vick for the fact that all he's done is warm the seat since he managed to get it, I've concluded that they deserve each other and that I really don't care which one of them wins.  It is hoped and I continue to hear, that other Republicans of means are looking at this race and that I will truly have a candidate to support in the upcoming election.

But as it is now I support neither one of them, and I'll sit back with my popcorn and whatever soft drink happens to be handy, watching them hack each other silly.

That is not to say that Mussolini Mikey has any chance of winning, because he doesn't.  The more people come to know that moron the less likely they are to vote for him.  But when you have two choices of such low caliber and the best I can do is loath one of them and detest the other for political office... since Brandon is following in the footsteps of the utterly worthless Congresswoman we are unfortunate enough to have representing us in Washington DC... I'll be sitting this one out.

It is to be hoped that the other parties who have expressed an interest in running against Vick, announce soon so they can get to work and get the job done.

Meanwhile, I'll continue to hammer Mussolini Mikey like a drum while simultaneously expressing my opinions concerning Brandon Vick.  With so little to choose between them, it may become rather boring and mundane, so I'll do my best to try and spice it up a little bit.

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