Monday, January 27, 2014

Day 50 and still no response from Bob

The anointed Democrat candidate for congress, Bob Dingethal, is supposed to offer something of an alternative.

So far, the only alternative he's offered is as party affiliation.

Some 50 days ago, I posted on his campaign Facebook wall a couple of very basic questions concerning his political positions on Obama care and the CRC. I pointed out that if he did not have a plan to overturn and/or replace Obama care or if he did not have a plan to do all he could to stop the CRC, then he was wasting both our time and his running for any office.

I wanted to know what his positions were on those issues. Here we are, some 50 days later, and no response.

Fortunately, we can gauge an individual’s effectiveness for political office in part because of his or her campaign. What's problematic here is that I've asked questions that tens of thousands of people in the 3rd congressional district would like to have answered… and for whatever the reason, Bob has not felt compelled to respond.

Clearly then this is the kind of response that we can expect from Bob, even in the unlikely event he were to get elected.

And that is a shame. I would vote for him if he was right on the positions important to me. I'd vote for him if he was opposed and actually would work for the elimination of the CRC. I'd vote for him if he was opposed to and actually would work for the elimination of Obama care.

Last year, I cheerfully voted for Jon Haugen. Haugen is been militantly opposed to the CRC scam, apparently from the get-go.our current disgrace of a Congresswoman just wants people to think she's opposed to the CRC scam, while actually doing nothing to derail it.

As it is now, I'm just not going to vote. As we’ve come to find out, it really doesn't matter which party runs the House or the Senate.  while the Democrats want us to sprint off the cliff into bankruptcy and national destruction, the GOP just appears to be willing to do the same thing at a somewhat slower pace. They both betrayed us, and the GOP certainly has betrayed anything approaching Republican tenets of political policy.

So I'm beholding to neither one of them.

Here's your opportunity Bob. Start talking about issues, instead of hoping that we’re going to vote for you because you're just another pretty face.

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