Wednesday, January 22, 2014

49er / Bronco haters? Video... Derrick Coleman

All this fuss about 10 seconds of Richard Sherman.

People who hated the Seahawks to begin with use Sherman's outburst as a reason to hate them more, ignoring the positive examples on the team that immediately come to mind... Russell Wilson... and Derrick Coleman.

Coleman is the most astounding young man I have ever seen.  He has achieved a dream that few have ever known in playing and even starting for an NFL team... all while he's deaf.

Haters are gonna hate.  It's easy to hate.  It's harder to view the totality of a thing and make a conclusion of worth based on that.

Well, take a moment and watch this.  Put your anger aside and think about a team that would even give this guy a chance.

Hate if you must, but at least be honest that Sherman isn't the reason for that.

I would only hope to be half the man and inspiration of Derrick Coleman.

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