Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Yes: Armed Guards in Schools (And armed teachers) are a good idea.

Since the tragic and avoidable deaths of those babies at Sandy Hook, I've been advocating the arming of teachers or, at a minimum, armed guards.

After all: the president's children, who are surrounded by armed guards both in and out of school, are no more precious than those defenseless babies who are no longer with us.

Here's an example of why:

Colorado school shooting: Armed guards the answer?

An armed deputy sheriff at Arapahoe High School in Colorado likely prevented a school shooting there from being worse, officials say, ending the episode in less than two minutes.

By Staff writer / December 14, 2013
    Freshman Allie Zadrow, center right, hugs classmate Liz Reinhardt at a church after a shooting at nearby Arapahoe High School in Centennial, Colo., on Friday. Students from the school were evacuated to the church.
    Brennan Linsley/AP
As they investigate the latest school shooting in the United States – Friday at Arapahoe High School in Centennial, Colo. – one thing is clear to law enforcement officials there: The presence of an armed deputy sheriff on regular duty at the school was the key factor in preventing more deaths and injuries.
As soon as he heard the first of five gunshots, that officer and the two school administrators he was talking to raced toward the commotion shouting their presence and ordering students and staff to follow the school’s lock-down protocol.
As a result, Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson said at a briefing Saturday afternoon, the heavily-armed shooter realized he was about to be confronted by an armed officer, and he took his own life.

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