Tuesday, December 03, 2013

The irony of the rag's latest screw the people editorial: In the democratian's view: Integrity Misconstrued.

The irony of such a headline is difficult to ignore: that a cancer on the science of journalism... a true blight on our local society, would presume to lecture us about "integrity" given the decades that have gone by wherein they've shown they have no idea what the word means... is not unlike checking with the Stalinist-era editors of the Soviet newspaper, Pravda Izvestia, to get a definition of capitalism.

In a "newspaper" where situational ethics is the rule of the day; where lies, distortions, personal attacks against the defenseless who cannot fight back; where "facts" have no place in their leftist world, the idea that the scumbag who wrote this, either Lefty Lou Brancaccio or Greg "Me Tarzan, You" Jayne could presume to school ANYONE on what integrity is or what it means is simply beyond the pale.

This blight on our region has not and does not PRACTICE integrity: clearly they either don't know what integrity is, or they're unaware of the application of the term: either way, they're hardly in a position to trumpet the word in any way.

Putting up an article as if it were written by democracy commissioner Steve "Slimeball" Stuart, ticking off leftist talking points like they were emailed to them and having it masquerade as an editorial doesn't make any impact on the electorate.

The people of this community have once again, overwhelmingly rejected the rag's vision and support of the most massive rip off in the history of the Northwestern United States, and in so doing, have, county-wide, shown their support of Commissioner Madore's view over theirs... and like Madore's election in the first place, the local daily kitty litter liner simply cannot stand it.

Driven by hatred, there's nothing that Madore can do that will meet with their approval, save killing himself.  They will use him in an effort to beat anyone opposed to their positions to death, a club to fracture political skulls and scare off anyone who would dare get in Brancaccio's face and tell him, quite politely, to fuck off.

Let me lay it out for the dillwad's at the Lazy C:

It is NEVER a "clownish escapade" to put concrete into the voice of the people.

Scumbags like Stuart, who've made it clear in their political death throws that they don't give a damn  what the people of this county want, are naturally going to view the people as a mere speed-bump in their drive to implement their grand agenda.

The "clownish" excuse for newspaper fits into the same category.  Where Stuart slit his own throat on video during a commission meeting by telling the world:
"And I've said it before: I don't speak for the people.. I will NEVER speak for "the people," I speak for Steve and some of you are going to agree with me and some of you aren't."
The democratian shares that view, as their years of lies, distortions, attacks and damage to this community can attest.

The fact is that the CScam Board acted irresponsibly. The fact is that Scumbag Stuart sold us out. That he did it in support of the democratian's agenda doesn't change it.

That the rag's on a jihad against Madore doesn't change Stuart's, The Liar's, or the rest of the scum's misfeasance in office.

Before they exclaim that, in yet another attack in the series of attacks against David Madore, he doesn't seem aware of what the word means... shouldn't they get a clue and practice it awhile themselves?

That the rag doesn't like it?

All that means is that Madore is right.

If the morally and financially bankrupt excuse for newspaper hates it?

Well, gee. That's just too damned bad.

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