Thursday, December 05, 2013

The idiocy of the so-called "fast food workers" strike.

Towards the end of my first enlistment in the Army, I was fortunate enough to be accepted by the University of Washington for admission (after something of a fight) but as a result, I knew that I was going to have to do whatever job I could find to pay for it.

So, in addition to going to school full time, I also worked full time while I was in the National Guard, which also had tuition reimbursement as a benefit.

Pushed a broom in a warehouse.  Pumped gas.  Delivered newspapers.  Did store security.  This was in addition to getting my VA benefits of, I want to say,  $238 per month.

So, I have zero sympathy for burger-flippers or WalMart workers.  None.

Those whining that "they can't survive on $7.25" when you know damned well that first, few are actually making that low of a wage (And that means none in Washington State, where the minimum wage is $9.19 this year) and the vast majority also get various subsidies from the taxpayers as it is.

But the point is this:  Those "surviving" on $7.25 are doing so because that is their choice.

Life is full of such choices.  Blaming an employer that hired you on an agreed wage where, presumably you knew what you were going to make when you took the job makes no sense.

Don't like the wage?

Then go to work somewhere else that pays more.

Get a fricking education.  Then get a better job.  Stop blaming everyone else for YOUR circumstance, when you're in charge of that circumstance.  Stop whining.

The only person making you work anywhere, regardless of the wage, is you.  That this kind of garbage, which is nothing but another reason to get rid of unions, is even a thing is yet another symptom of the "people are victims" fungus of that simple idiot in the White House.

I'm leaving my office in a little bit to go try to find some strike lines I can cross.  I'll let you know if anything happens.

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