Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The CRUDEC brain-drain.

News tonite that the #2 at CRUDEC has copped a walk.

Wonder why?

She wasn't fired or anything... yet she resigned, "effective immediately."

You remember the reaction when some of the senior people at the county bailed:  Oh, My God... the whaling... the gnashing of teeth... the rending of garments.

The rank hypocrisy of the democratian... proven to know no bounds... included zero angst about the departure of CRUDEC VP Bonnie Moore... no questioning, snarky-assed comments or slams against Mike "Ram that ballpark down their throats" Bomar's new broom starting to make a clean sweep.

Bonnie Moore
That's reserved only for those the democratian hates... like anyone to the right of Mao.

Obviously, the fear of a brain-drain at the window-dressing, essentially worthless organization known as CRUDEC doesn't exist.

First of all, if CRUDEC disappeared, much like any other part of the downtown mafia, they wouldn't be missed.

Secondly, like those who've left the County government, there's little doubt that Moore will be ably replaced... but unlike those at the County, it won't make any noticeable difference even if she isn't.

Strange, isn't it?

CRUDEC was supposed to be SOOOOO important.  It isn't, of course: but it's SUPPOSED to be.

And the rag doesn't seem to care that the organization has lost it's leadership and all that institutional knowledge.


Gotta wonder why.

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