Tuesday, December 17, 2013

More democrat stupidity: State courts Airbus amid Boeing tension

So, because Boeing is bailing (Get it?  Bailing?  I crack myself up.)  so Outslee and company are gearing up to bend the taxpayers over to get Airbus in here to take the Lazy B's place.

Meet the new boss.... same as the old boss....

Boeing has been a huge influence in Washington state ever since Bill ditched furniture for areoplanes in the mid 1915's or so.

They've stuck it to us in a variety of ways for decades, because as bad as we are, other states will screw their own people sideways to get Boeing to locate in their state.

That is, after all, how the game is played, I suppose.

But that begs the issue: why go out and get a massa to replace the massa that's dumping us?

Does anyone think that for Airbus to locate here in any meaningful way this state wouldn't have to allow them to rape us the way Boeing has?

My gut told me that Boeing never intended to build the 777 here: they always intended to use us as leverage to get what they wanted somewhere else.

I get that's how the game is played.  But my question is this: what makes anyone believe that Airbus wouldn't, at some point, do precisely the same thing?

Whatever our deal is, a right to work state could offer a better one. 

Big business is fine... until they hold the state hostage.  At that point, don't let the drawbridge hit you in the ass on the way out, and good riddance.

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