Monday, December 02, 2013

Looks like if you're a military dependent, you're on your own for dental care.

Just another sign that the moron-in-chief cares so much about not only the military, but their families.

Hohenfels is a training base in Germany. I went their several times in the 6 years plus I was stationed there with my unit for tactical training. The trainers (In this case, primarily the full-time "OPFOR," or "opposing force" utilized to provide the training unit with the "enemy") is the unit I was first assigned to in late 72: 1st Battalion 4th infantry Regiment... (We were a regular line unit back then, assigned to the 3rd Infantry Division) along with, no doubt, their support units and others.

I have to wonder: how does this work? How does a young mother on a tour to Hohenfels GET dental care for the kids while Dad's out rolling around in the mud, making life miserable for the units who go there to be trained up?

I believe that the US military should be held responsible for the entirety of medical care of both the Service Member AND their dependents.

And that includes dentistry for non-cosmetic purposes, simple AND complicated.

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