Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Herrera continues to use her baby as a political accessory.

One of the many things I despise our worthless congresscritter for is her deliberate decision to use her child as a political accessory... kind of like ear rings... or a purse.

For whatever the reason, the democratian has become a willing participant in Her Fradulant's decision to use her baby for political purposes... a despicable decision on her part... most likely because she's assured Lefty Lou that she rabidly supports the CRC rip off and that her posturing is just for the ignorant in her constituency.

Earlier, I wrote:
And now, Babs continues to use her child's illness as political accessory... we get a press release that she might make it home before Christmas... and naturally, we'll get a press release that she HAS made it home when she DOES make it home, with all the accompanying publicity that goes with it, as Jaime's people continue to use the media to portray that clueless moron in a sympathetic light.
Wow.  Was I right, or what?

One of the problems with Ridgefield Barbie is that she's so predictable.

In addition to predicting this, I predict that moron will continue to sell us out on the GOP budget scam; continue to throw us under the Obamacare bus and continue to do absolutely nothing about the CRC Scam, just like she's done absolutely nothing about anything during the past 6 years she's been in office.... showing what a colossal waste of time this coward actually is when it comes to "representing" us.

For all the good she's done in allowing us to be screwed, she might as well become Slimeball Stuart.

Congresswoman Jaime "Represent-by-press-release" Herrera frightened me almost senseless in her latest document dump:
 "My staff and I will continue serving the residents of Southwest Washington just as we have throughout this challenging time," Herrera Beutler said.
That, of course, is the LAST thing we need: continuing worthlessness is not what we want in Congress.  And it's just a shame this empty-suited, gutless waste of skin can't figure that out.

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