Thursday, December 12, 2013

Another leftist editorial from the democratian: In their Moronic View: Compromise.

It's hard to figure out if Greg Jayne, who presumably wrote this pap, took too many hits without a helmet pre-sports reporter days... if he's just politically ignorant... or just another democratian fringe-leftist in faux-moderate's clothing.

We're flying in a rhetorical plane.  Due to technical issues (In this case, our massive and ever growing federal debt) we're faced with two stark choices:  Land the plane with the wheels up (Begin the process of cutting programs, cutting growth, cutting taxes to increase revenue, getting rid of Obamacare, cutting the numbers of federal civilian employees, rolling back their pay and benefits) or fly it directly into the ground (This so-called "compromise" that does none of those things.)

In this instance, the democratian's bizarre use of the word "compromise" is akin to the shiortages the Nazi's face in concentration camps towards the end of the war: do we kill the Jews using Zyklon-B, Carbon Monoxide or good, old fashioned, bullets?

There were Nazi's who supported each option, but the result of the "Compromise" that was worked out were another million dead concentration camp inmates of all varieties.  That was the common thread running through the issue of "compromise," much like our fiscal collapse is the common thread the rag is either missing or ignoring as they print this babble.

Much like democracy being the discussion of the lunch menu between two wolves and a lamb, this so-called "compromise" is yet another scene from the difference between the democrat's desire to sprint this country off the cliff and the GOP's desire to head off the same cliff... just at, perhaps, a more leisurely pace.

This wasn't a "compromise."  This was a disaster.  it was another set of signatures on this Nation's death warrant.  And that whoever wrote the democratian's pap either doesn't get that, or doesn't care and has to come up with this cutesy crap is yet another sign of how dangerous the ignorant at the rag can actually be.

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