Friday, December 27, 2013

An idea to slash the dropout rate.

Our schools suck

Even the ones allegedly competent, for example, aren't all that much.  The reasons are many, the fault lay primarily with those in charge of and actually teaching at the schools we're dumping billions into every year.

But that they suck isn't a justification for dropping out.

The costs of school and extortion of teachers soar: the results of spending those billions?  Not so much.  The drop out rate remains relatively steady at around 30%

So, here's my humble proposal:

Unless you're a high school graduate or have achieved a GED, you can't get a driver's license until you are 21... if you have dropped out.

That is, we can still allow students to get licenses (Although I believe the age to get one should be 18 anyway) but ONLY if they are maintaining at least a C average in school and don't skip classes.

Skip classes?  Drop out?  Then you lose your license.

You're in school, maintaining a C average or better?  Get a high school diploma (as most do at age 18 or so) then voila', you're eligible to have a license before you turn 21.  If not?

Then welcome to the world of skate boards and bikes.

I like this idea for a great many reasons: not the least of which is that students would at least have to go through the motions of getting an education, reducing the numbers of billions we waste every year at least somewhat.

And that would include this bizarre, strange concept of the essentially worthless "alternative high schools," where students who cannot accept the discipline and structure of classes in a regular environment are somehow expected to accept the rules and laws of the driving environment.

What's not to love?

If we're looking for an incentive to keep the little blighters in school and participating, then what better way is there then to have them be responsible for keeping their licenses in good standing?

Don't want to go to school?

Then fine: walk.  And, of course, this would not apply to those in home-schooled situations.

This is a rif on a democrat bill by State Rep. Andy Schor  (D-68 MI) I think it's worth a look and a discussion that we should have.

These kids want to be treated like adults?  Swell.  Then let's place this adult responsibility and judgement squarely where it belongs: on the shoulders of those who dump school as fast as they can find a way to make it happen.

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