Sunday, November 10, 2013

When a race-based election turns bad.

Racially based politics are fine when the candidate who's a minority is black.  After all, the 95%+ of the black vote that were stupid enough to vote based on skin color alone wasn't because Obama's brilliant grasp of policy or that he wasn't a complete and utter disaster by every measure in both foreign and domestic policy.

No, it was because they shared the skin color of our half-white president... forgiving that part of his racial make up because you sure can't tell by looking.

Well, here's a microcosm of that:

The black loser in an election is bitching because his white GOP opponent ran a "black" campaign.

Yeah.  This cracker sure looks "black" to me.

White candidate wins after leading Tex. voters to think he's black

Dave Wilson, Texas
Dave Wilson/ KHOU-TV
If you're a conservative white Republican running for public office in an overwhelmingly African-American area, you'll almost certainly face an uphill climb to victory.

The road might be a bit easier, however, if your campaign advertisements strongly imply that you're black.

That's what happened during a recent race for a seat on the Houston Community College Board of Trustees, when Dave Wilson -- a white, anti-gay activist and former fringe candidate for mayor -- defeated 24-year incumbent Bruce Austin by only 26 votes to claim the win, CBS affiliate KHOU reports.

Wilson, who said he was fed up with "all the shenanigans" within the community college system, circulated campaign flyers featuring smiling African-American faces lifted from the Internet and accompanied by the text "Please vote for our friend and neighbor Dave Wilson."

One campaign flyer said Wilson had been "Endorsed by Ron Wilson" -- an apparent nod to a popular black former state representative by that name. But in a bait and switch, the "Ron Wilson" referred to on the direct mail piece was Wilson's cousin, who just happens to share a name with the former lawmaker.

"He's a nice cousin," Wilson told KHOU, stifling a laugh. "We played baseball in high school together, and he's endorsed me."

His opponent denounced Wilson's tactics as "disgusting" and vowed to seek a recount.

"I don't think it's good for both democracy and the whole concept of fair play," Austin said. "But that was not his intent, apparently."

"He never put out to voters that he was white," Austin added in a statement, according to the Houston Chronicle. "The problem is his picture was not in the League of Voters [pamphlet] or anywhere. This is one of the few times a white guy has pretended to be a black guy and fooled black people."

So, what do we learn from all of this?

For minorities, race-based voting is rampant.  It's bigotry, of course, but one has to wonder: if it's OK for blacks to vote in lock step for a candidate based on his skin-color (So much for that "content of their character" stuff.  But after all, they only trot out Dr. King when his remarks fit their meme, while they ignore him the rest of the time)  then why is it wrong for whites to do the same?

I mean, except for that institutional "white guilt" the left whips out on us every 10 seconds or so.

Anywho, let this be a lesson to the electorate: voting for (or against) someone because of the accident of their genetics is the most moronic, bigoted, racist thing a voter can do.  At least taqke the time to LOOK at the candidates you're voting on.

And here's the thing: it's just as much racist for black voters to do it as it is for white.

Leftist race-industry baiters, however, would never have the integrity to admit it.

Why, that would be like Leftist Lou or Stephony Rice admitting to the myriad of times they've been wrong... and that ain't ever going to happen.

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