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Union extortion: it's what leftists like McGinn and Herrera are all about.

As Seattle continues to lurch to the communist left, they've dumped a fringe-left nutburger named Mike McGinn for an even more communist mayor (And don't get me wrong... I thank God his peculiar fungus is no longer going to infect the rest of the state, instead, being centrally located in the Settle Soviet) named Ed Murray, imagine my non-surprise when I discovered how much that whack job McGinn has in common with our own whack job Congresswoman.

First, check out this editorial in the Seattle Times:
Originally published Sunday, November 17, 2013 at 4:07 PM

Editorial: Rescind mayor’s overreaching efforts to unionize day-care providers

Mayor Mike McGinn must back off from ordering day-care providers to work with unions.

Seattle Times Editorial
MAYOR Mike McGinn should rescind his executive order to Seattle child-care providers to meet with union leaders or lose city funding. The mayor should consider whether he wants to squander his remaining time in office on impractical and, in this case, possibly illegal policies.
McGinn has given child-care providers a Dec. 1 deadline to meet with the Service Employees International Union 925 and the American Federation of Teachers Washington. During the meetings, union leaders and child-care providers essentially would lay the groundwork for organizing in the workplace.
The city is not requiring child-care workers to join a union, but the directive clearly sets the stage for it. The order’s demand that providers and unions agree on a plan to keep day-care centers open during a strike assumes there will be labor discord. That’s the last thing Seattle’s universal preschool efforts need.
The City Council, caught off guard, asked City Attorney Pete Holmes for a legal opinion. Holmes rendered an opinion but cannot disclose it because of attorney-client privilege. The council should waive that privilege and make it public.
The National Labor Relations Act lays out strict limits on governments using their regulatory authority to advance or thwart union organizing. McGinn’s threat to withhold city funds uses the city’s regulatory authority and reeks of bullying.
McGinn’s claim to be interested only in improving preschool teacher quality is undercut by his directive’s interesting timing. As noted by Times reporter Lynn Thompson, McGinn issued the order in the middle of his tough re-election campaign against state Sen. Ed Murray. McGinn lost, but was endorsed by SEIU and the federation.
Seattle is a city that values public process. McGinn has deprived residents of that by failing to consult providers, the City Council or the Seattle Public Schools, where many child-care providers operate. The CEO of the YMCA of Greater Seattle said the mayor’s directive felt like the nonprofit was being “strong-armed.”
Revoke the directive, Mayor McGinn. Do not create a need for the public to view your remaining days in office with a flashing yellow light.
Let the next administration oversee the vision for universal preschool in Seattle.
Yes, Seattle is losing it's way, electing a communist over the current neo-communist; oputting a moronic "occupy" whack job socialist on the city council... courting even more disaster...

Next, check it: Here's the thing:  The editorial addresses the exact same kind of bill that our empty-suited congress-critter co-sponsored and voted for during her abortive and worthless legislative tenure in Olympia.  It was a completely asinine effort that required unionization of all day care workers even in a single child in daycare was recieing state aid AND it required the DAY CARE OWNERS to PAY THEIR UNION DUES. :
Endorsements from Herrera State campaign website:

SEIU Local 925 ($500 contribution to 2008 race)
SEIU Local 775 NW
SEIU Local 1199 NW
HB 2449 (2008) Brief Description: Providing collective bargaining for childcare center directors and workers. Vote: 70-24 (Herrera: Yes)
Support included: SEIU 925

Opposition included: YMCAs of Washington; Washington Parents for Safe Child
Care; Washington Policy Center
(Opposed) Our centers are concerned about the impact of collective bargaining on them. Washington's subsidy rate is one of the lowest in the nation. Why not just increase subsidy rates? Representation fees will reduce the amounts available for low-income children. There are better and more cost-effective ways to achieve these outcomes. Competitors should not be in the same bargaining units. Managers and teachers should not be in the same bargaining unit. Personal information should be protected. This legislation is not necessary.
And the follow-on effort in 2009:

Washington State                                   BILL
House of Representatives                        ANALYSIS
Office of Program Research

Commerce & Labor Committee
HB 1329
Brief Description:Providing collective bargaining for child care center directors and workers
Representatives Pettigrew, Conway, Kagi, Hunt, Seaquist, Sells, Priest, Kenney,
Ormsby, Wood, Haigh, White, Chase, Herrera, Morrell, Liias, Green, Cody, Appleton,Hasegawa, Carlyle, Simpson, McCoy, Sullivan, Orwall, Goodman, Campbell, Hudgins,Moeller, Nelson and Santos.
Brief Summary of Bill
Provides for collective bargaining between the Governor and child care center
directors and workers under the Public Employees' Collective Bargaining Act.
Requires the Director of the Department of Early Learning to engage in negotiatedrule making under the Administrative Procedures Act with child care center directorsand workers.
Requires the Department of Social and Health Services to adjust subsidy rates paid tochild care centers in particular regions to reflect subsidy rates in collective bargaining agreements for those regions.
Hearing Date
Jill Reinmuth (786-7134)
Yeah... this is from the same congresswoman who has done absolutely nothing about much of anything concerning us here in Clark County or, for that matter, the 3rd District.
And the resemblance between her communist bill and Mayor McCheese's?

A bit more than a coincidence.

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