Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thoughts on the local GOP in the last election…

Shortly before the end of the last election cycle, the local GOP underwent something of a transformation when an insurgent movement came along and took control, ostensibly based on a different view…  A different vision…  A conservative versus RINO sort of thing.

I said at the time, that the only thing that would make this movement is success, would be positive results at the ballot box.
While their efforts to win all the PCO races were an outright disaster, someone much wiser than I once said that the world is run by those who show up.

And they show up. 

At re-org, they won about all the positions… temporarily.  Because now, to prove their worth, they have to show that getting their group elected will result in material gain.

Taking out Moron Monica shouldn’t be too difficult… she’s already shown herself to be a cheating ingrate… and now, stupid, to boot.  But they’d better get it done.

Getting rid of Stuart shouldn’t be that hard: any pro-CRC candidate should get killed county-wide.  But the entire issue is one of results.  If the results are there…  and after 2 more years of democrat dictatorship, it SHOULD be…  then they likely will stay.

But they would be foolish to believe the establishment is just sitting back and doing nothing.  How wrong they are.
Ultimately, the local GOP had an opportunity in this most recent election, to actually show what they were made of when it came to the primary issue confronting the Republicans today: their get out the vote effort.

I was given to understand that such an effort was going to be made, and in fact was made. 

Unfortunately, the results show a lack of effectiveness in the area of the execution of such an effort.
At the end of the day, the only thing that matters when it comes to party organizations is the results that the organization provides. Obviously, given the anti-CRC tied that was prevalent everywhere in the county including within the confines of the city of Vancouver, every one of the candidates running for city Council, and particularly the candidate running against the town drunk for Mayor, should’ve met with success.

The underlying anger was there. The undeniable defeats, the crushing of the pro-CRC side, shows that the issues were not based upon who was the best candidate, as much as who ran the better campaign.

Clearly the local GOP failed with its get out the vote effort.

As I indicated at the time, we had 15 legislators selected to represent parts of Clark County. Of those 15 forward Democrats. I made it clear then as now that the only measure of success is not how those who are intimately involved with the internal operation of the GOP organization actually “feel” about the conservative bona fides of the candidates that are running.

How they feel, is totally irrelevant to the fact of the matter: when everything said and done, we now have no better a city Council than we had before the local GOP got started on “helping” the candidates that they supported.

It will make absolutely no difference, if the new regime of the GOP in Clark County is no more successful than the old.

Many promises were made as the so-called “liberty alliance” PCO’s campaigned and took office. But the question remains: what the hell difference will it make if they can’t do any better than those they replaced?

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