Tuesday, November 05, 2013

The question of loot rail for Clark County: finally resolved.

Initial returns, with county-wide margins which I expect only to increase... crushed the loot rail scam and continued to assure opposition from the vast majority of legislators representing Clark County.

Currently, a mere 12 of the 15 representing us in Olympia have voted against this rip off in the legislature.  Only the staunch communists representing the Soviet of the 49th contuinue to support that stupidity.

In answer to the question:

A resolution to create a policy of the Board of Commissioners
to oppose every Light Rail project in Clark County unless it is
first supported by a majority of the voters in a county-wide
advisory vote of the people.

First returns show 67% want this policy implemented.

That is a CRUSHING blow for scum like Leavitt.

But then, Like Stuart, who's defeat is assured next November, neither of them give a damn what the people want.

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Lew Waters said...

By all appearances, if it holds, Identity Clark County and other loot rail special interests have now bought and paid for the Vancouver City council that will keep handing everything to Portland.