Monday, November 18, 2013

The biggest hypocrite in Clark County strikes again:

There is no bigger bully in my personal knowledge anywhere in the world then our own sleazeball, Lefty Lou Brancaccio.

Lefty operates on hate.

There's a select group of people that Lefty hates, and he uses his bully pulpit to beat the hell out of those wise enough to oppose his agenda of raping the people of Vancouver specifically and Clark County generally.

He only wants what he wants, and he's a full on petulant jerk if you oppose the slimy bastard's agenda.

Sometimes, to get on his "hate" list, you don't even need to oppose him.

I admit it: I'm a member of that select list that has slapped him around for the better part of the last decade..

The list is limited only to those outspoken enough to challenge this skank directly... to those of us who don't fear him... to those of us who will challenge this simple, fringe-left idiot head on.

The list, in no particular order includes me, David Madore, Tom Mielke, Brent Boger, Don Benton and Peter Van Nortwick.

Tonight's hate speech from that scumwad Lefty has him sniveling about Benton's warning to ultra-leftist union hack Ed Barnes, who has hated Benton even longer than Brancaccio... but that's only because Lefty hasn't lived here all that long.

It doesn't matter to that dillwad that Tim "The Liar" Leave-it has also threatened to sue people... that's different, because THAT lying little worm is now Brancaccio's butt buddy due to his lie-only campaign back in 09 where he is now a full-blown CRC Pimp.

No... that's because it's "different" when a fellow leftist nutjob does it.  That's Lefty's well known situational ethics at work.

When Benton was hired, Lefty was sure he'd hit the jackpot.

He got to hate full time on two of his favorite targets, both of whom met his "hate" qualifications:

They're Republican and they've done a great deal to thwart Lefty's agenda.  And that's typically all it takes.

Believe me, if I was elected to anything around here, that slimy worm would be all over me as well.  That jerk even launched a semi-investigation into my volunteer efforts working on the last Battle Ground School District levy.

That said, it's such a shame that Ed Barnes was a big enough pussy that he had to send a copy of the Benton letter to the democratian generally and Lefty Lou in particular.  Had it been me, I wouldn't have threatened to sue... I'd have just sued.

No threat.

Because what that does is give The CRC Pimps like Brancaccio and the downtown mafia types a second chance to beat the hell out of Benton and, by extension, Madore.

There isn't a day that goes by that Lefty doesn't hate himself a little more because Madore ignores his incessant whining about Benton.

Certainly, qualifications didn't matter to the head of the democratian when it came to hiring a psycho like Lefty.  I know that sources have told me that he's come close to firing that jerk because of how he's treated his own employees... but apparently, it's open season on those of us smart enough to not be impressed by his position of chief liar on the daily rag.

Now, naturally, Lefty would be enamored of a fellow fringe-left nutter like Ed... going so far as to call him a "great guy."

Well, of COURSE he's what a whack job like Lefty would call a "great guy."  As far as Lefty's concerned, ANYONE who hates Benton, Madore and Mielke like he does is going to be a "great guy."

That's the only qualification Lou has to make his "list.".

And when Lefty babbles "Of course Benton the politician should know it was silly to threaten the voice of a citizen," he again ignores Tim "The Liar" Leave-it's threat to do the same thing.

Why?  Because THAT is "different."  And, of course, Lefty is a complete hypocrite on these political issues... in praising  fringe-left hack like Barnes, he's encouraging others to hate Benton and the conservatives on the commission.

And that's one of the many things that makes Lefty such a despicable human being... a scumbucket extraordinaire:  he doesn't come close to holding his buddies to anything approaching the level of accountability that he slobbers to those on his "list."

And it's Lefty's list that's the thing, you see:

There isn't democrat one on it.

And that's the biggest "tell" that Lefty is... well... a fringe left whack job, his lies to the contrary notwithstanding.

And his hatred drives him to use his position as editor of the daily democratian like the very bully he attempts to condemn in this spew this time... which is even more hypocritical:

Benton as bully?  Bad... bad.

Btrancaccio or Barnes as bully?

Why, that's just swell.

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