Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Since "Slimeball" Stuart has no integrity; naturally, he's a "no" on the Integrity Resolution.

Democrat soon-to-be-former county commissioner Steve "Slimeball" Stuart is used to two things: Ignoring the will of the people and having it all his own way.

The latter went up in smoke when fellow democrat and Pro-CRC Scammer was destroyed in the last election by his polar opposite: Republican and Anti-CRC Commissioner David Madore.

The irony of all of that?

Stuart had been effectively ignoring the lone Republican on the Commission, Tom Mielke, for the entirety of his first 4 years on the CCBOC.

And now?

The shoe, to put a point on it, is on the other foot.

To leftists, that's a horrific turn of events.  To me, it's poetic justice... and just the first instalment at that.

Anywho, because Slimeball sold the entirety of this county out to TriMet along with the other CRC pimps, Commissioner Madore felt compelled to run a resolution expressing the county's outrage and apologizing to the people Stuart and his fellow slime have screwed so royally.

Stuart, best known for telling those he'd govern to fuck off when he uttered this at the close of a commissioner meeting last week:
"And I've said it before: I don't speak for the people.. I will NEVER speak for "the people," I speak for Steve and some of you are going to agree with me and some of you aren't."
Yeah, Steve... we get it.  Just like Joseph Stalin.

Naturally, those scum shilling the CRC are doing all they can to trash the vote of the people that made our position clear enough that even Stuart should have picked it up... and felt ashamed of screwing 400,000 of us.

Madore, of course, is kinda the anti-Slimeball.  He, in fact, DOES speak for the people.  The voice of the people DOES mean something... and unlike Stuart, Madore is going to do all he can to make sure it's both heard... and followed.

Stuart, who has made it clear that the will of the people is worthless, believes the overwhelming vote against his pet scam is meaningless.

Stuart, who has no power on the county commission, can feel free to bring his own resolution forward if he doesn't like Madore's.  That's his right.

Stuart, who knows he's up for a Boldt-sized ass-whooping in November of next year, broke new records in ironic, one-sided hypocrisy today when he babbled thus:
When Madore used the phrases "giving away the farm" and "selling out" to describe the situation, Stuart again took issue.
"(That language) is impugning the motives of people who are our colleagues," Stuart said. "And I'd appreciate it if you'd stop it."
The problem here with Slimeball is that he demands an end to that which he himself engages in every day... every time he opens his mouth when he speaks top, or about, David Madore.

In fact, what is it that oozed out of Stuart earlier in this same meeting?
At one point during the hours long discussion on Clark County Commissioner David Madore's "integrity resolution" on Tuesday, Commissioner Steve Stuart asked Madore if he was seeking "a pound of flesh" after a C-Tran vote didn't go Madore's way.
"That's what you want," Stuart said. "You want your pound of flesh."
The comment was one of the more tense moments during the four-hour meeting of Clark County commissioners. The meeting was intended to be a discussion on Madore's apologist resolution over a recent C-Tran vote authorizing a funding plan for a potential light-rail line in Clark County.

That's the kind of playground bullshit that proves Stuart is unfit for office.  Slimeball can bitch about Madore "impugning the motives of people" while he does precisely the same thing... all the time... which is OK when his target is Madore... right?

Well, that and his bizarre concept of governance where what the people demand doesn't matter.

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Lew Waters said...

I recall too Stuart's words at the last County Democrat convention, blasting the right as people who can only say "no."

Yet here he is now saying "no" to everything not in line with screwing the county over with Portland's light rail being forced upon the people he refuses to speak for.

I can't help but wonder if he was born such a hypocrite or learned it as he got involved with the Dmeocrats.