Monday, November 18, 2013

On Sunday, the rag blew the call on the GOP Transportation Package.

Let me say at the outset that the GOP package is a bad idea.  A very bad idea.

But not for any of the reasons the Daily Carbuncle bleated.

First, there should be no increase to the gas tax.  It's already one of the highest in the country, and that's high enough.

Second, we are forced into the extortion of paying prevailing wage.  That absurdity has to end.

Third, the political aspect of this is a disaster: talk about a classic case of "out-democrating the democrats."

In addition, not mentioned at all by the rag, because God knows how much they hate populism or the will of the people... unless, of course, they think that will happens to match their agenda... is the lack of a referendum clause.

Will any of our legislators listen to the rag?  Probably as much as the rag listened to the voters earlier this month: in short, not at all.

Initially, THE most asinine statement in this hog-waller was this garbage:
That is the crux of this issue. With the looming specter of the Columbia River Crossing and a replacement Interstate 5 bridge, it would be absurd for lawmakers and Gov. Jay Inslee to proceed on a major transportation bill without including funding for the project. The Senate chose to not vote on such funding earlier this year, which means that local Sens. Don Benton, R-Vancouver, and Ann Rivers, R-La Center, have some explaining to do. By championing the fight against the CRC, they may have rejected a major gas-tax increase that included the project in favor of a major gas-tax increase that includes nearly nothing for Clark County. Regardless of how one feels about the CRC, it's difficult to argue that local taxpayers are well-served by such a trade-off.
One of perhaps the most bizarre of the thousands of bizarre statements this rag has uttered, this one takes the cake.

The actions of Benton and Rivers were clear-cut and obvious: they were doing precisely the same thing this moron demanded of Cleveland in this very column: In trashing the idiocy of the CRC Scam, Benton and Rivers were, in fact, doing what "best served their constituents."

Gee.  There's just no pleasing some clowns.

As I stated before, there shouldn't be ANY gas tax increase.  I sincerely doubt that either Benton or Rivers will vote "yes" on this stupidity, meaning that, once again, the rag is dead wrong when it babbles:
"...  they may have rejected a major gas-tax increase that included the project in favor of a major gas-tax increase that includes nearly nothing for Clark County. Regardless of how one feels about the CRC, it's difficult to argue that local taxpayers are well-served by such a trade-off."
Voting "no" for any tax increase, with or without the CRC Scam, particularly when there is NO "trade off," is the BEST way to "serve their constituents," which thankfully, doesn't include the used toilet paper that printed this idiotic editorial.

Just look at the outcome of the loot rail debacle of the democratian's for the main example:  these clowns did everything they could to belittle the vote, belittle the effort and belittle the reason we had the vote in the first place: Commissioner David Madore.  (My own brother-in-law, democrat former Commissioner Marc Boldt?  He lied to me by telling me that such an advisory vote was "unconstitutional" after assuring me, to my face, that he would hold such a vote.)

The last time I checked (a few days ago)  5 precincts (All located in the Vancouver Soviet) out of the 228 in Clark County actually supported Brancaccio's Folly.  A whole 5.  That's just over 2% of the precincts in this county.  And that's made precisely zero difference to the scum shilling this rip off... because they want what they want and to hell with the rest of us.

So, I didn't miss the irony of this idiocy from the rag:
All of that, of course, remains to be seen. With Senate leadership apparently on board for a $12.3 billion transportation bill, the governor might call a special session of the Legislature for next week. If that happens, we expect Benton and Rivers to be just as adamant in their opposition to this bill as they were in fighting against the CRC funding. And we expect Sen. Annette Cleveland, D-Vancouver, to join them in doing what best serves her constituents.

These scum NOW admonish that simpleton Cleveland to "do what best serves her constituents."

When did THAT standard get implemented down there in lala land?

If that fringe left moron Cleveland was SUPPOSED to do what's BEST for her constituents... then she would have been as rabidly opposed to the CRC Scam as she is in her support for every crack pot fringe-left program she supports now.

If doing's what's BEST for the constituents around here was the standard, then every elected scumbag supporting the CRC Scam would have been long since opposed to it in both word and deed.

And then this idiocy:
Clark County, like most counties outside the Puget Sound region, provides more revenue through gas taxes than it can hope to recoup in the way of projects. That makes us a donor county, and that's a fact of life we can somewhat accept. But we've already given till it hurts.
So, the moronic CRC Scamming paper that acknowledges that "we've already given till[sic] it hurts" doesn't care that we should have $100,000,000+ every year sucked out of our county via ever-increasing tolls that hammer the wallets of our at least 65,000 commuting families.

The distortion of this claim by the rag is difficult to overlook: how can the rag claim that we've "... already given till it hurts," and then advocate the fiscal rape of the commuting public?

As stated earlier. there is one primary reason that this is a bad bill: it doesn't have a referendum clause in it.

I, for one, hope that the area of Identity Vancouver gets absolutely nothing from this package or any other revenue source, the democratian's whining or sniveling notwithstanding.

Whether or not Benton or Rivers support this issue isn't going to be based on this despicable rag's "expectations."  Nor should it be.

Apparently, Greg or Lou failed to notice that this rag has been berating the hell out of Benton for two decades.  To suggest that this despicable publication  should be the final arbiter of the legislative agenda for those actually elected?

That's as insane as supporting the CRC Scam... which, come to think of it, the clowns at the rag ALSO continue to do.

And, of course, given the rag's jihad against Benton; were I him, I would do my best to oppose ANY position, including this one, that the scum at the democratian may take.  They deserve no less.

Because this community's default positions are best served by taking the exact opposite position from that which the slime at the democratian are demanding.

Surely our legislators will listen to and be driven by this cancer on our community much the same way the people overwhelmingly rejected the rag's idiotic efforts to fool the people  into voting FOR the loot rail/BRT scams and against the bridge questions... and by now, we all know how well that worked out for them... don't we?

Clearly, the morons at the Lazy C live in some sort of alternative universe.  Because they must be high to believe that our government representatives, save for the fringe-left nutjobs from the communist 49th, should concern themselves in the least with what those slimeballs may "expect."

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