Tuesday, November 12, 2013

It's got to be tough when the democratian is forced to agree with me

When that simple-headed moron in Olympia stupidly tried to tie the trans package to the Boeing deal, I knew he was lying:

On November 5, I wrote:
Jay Outslee, who apparently played far too much football without a helmet is reduced to lying about the transportation package on election day.

And how pathetic is that?

Boeing does not need the Transportation Package to stay here;  Outslee is lying by trying to tie this together... and it has no chance without a referendum clause... and, in reality has no chance anyway.

That the leftist scum governing us at all levels believe they have to lie is pathetic.  And if you have to lie to get your bill passed?

Then it shouldn't BE passed.
Obviously, it wasn't passed.  Lying as a political philosophy is rarely the right move.

So, imagine my surprise when the democratian, actually agreed with me, after a fashion.  They tap danced around it before they finally got around to the heart of the matter, wrote this:
All of this was the result of a special session of the Legislature called last week by the governor. The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers is scheduled to vote Wednesday on a new contract with Boeing, and Inslee used that deadline to pressure lawmakers into quick action. Yet at the same time, Inslee attempted a painfully transparent backdoor move to get a transportation bill passed.
In calling the Legislature into session, Inslee insisted that Boeing officials were demanding a $10 billion transportation package in addition to the tax incentives. That would involve phasing in a 10-cent increase to the state gas tax -- a plan similar to the one the governor pushed earlier this year while being ignored by the state Senate. This time around, the Senate passed the tax incentives and then adjourned, reinforcing the notion that Inslee should try another tack when it comes to a transportation bill.
"Painfully transparent" is code speak for an "obvious lie."

But where Leftist Lou, et al, would crush, say, a David Madore if he were to try something so underhanded, the local rag taps Outslee once lightly on each wrist.

Are we now going to read 60 articles of faux outrage at this amateur, theatrical attempt to lie to the people of this state?

Listening to Outslee was like reading another Pro-CRC Scamming liatorial from Brancaccio.

I will give some credit where due: That Greg even mentioned it must be considered as some progress of a sort... and I do.

But when the governor of this state willfully, willingly and knowingly lies to us to get his program passed, and the best the rag can do is treat him like a 4 year old instead of going after him AT LEAST as much as they've gone after anyone to the right of Mao on the CRC... or Madore... or Mielke... or me?

Why does he get what amounts to a pass for getting caught in a lie... a lie the democratian willingly helped him tom spread?  Why doesn't the swindle-sheet show at least the same level of outrage over this insult to our intelligence that they gin up over their fake butthurt on the Benton hiring?

It's because Leftist and his minions are driven by hate.  And the disparity in fairness is obvious and now... quite documentable.

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jack buckmeir said...

"Liatorial"- damn! you sure come up with some good ones!