Wednesday, November 06, 2013

CCP Talk: Who's the big loser? Lefty Lou Brancaccio

The results from the election last night are not terribly surprising to anyone.

I got a call this morning from someone angry at Madore over the Benton hiring, using it as a nexus for the defeat of sanity in Vancouver last night.

I provided an alternative view.

When a community elects scum like Molehill, Wylie and Cleveland to represent them; scum that were elected before Madore took office... then the fact is those morons could (and did) elect ANY number of idiots, no matter how slimy or corrupt... just look at who they've elected in the past.

To that end, it's likely the same people would have been elected regardless of whether Madore had been elected or not... although the issue of the disparity in money spent by the winning and losing candidates seems to have fallen completely off the democratian's radar screen.

As I knew he would, the scumbag running the democratian is spinning this like a top.  Since he is at heart a playground bully, it's not surprising that he'd engage in this kind of gloating self-congratulatory (and quite inaccurate) garbage while ignoring the crushing, monumental defeat his side suffered on their loot rail scam:

As is to be expected, Brancaccio is gloating about the "defeat" that actually isn't a "defeat" of Madore at all.  But when you're as twisted and psychotic as Lefty Lou, this kind of playground behavior is not terribly surprising.

Brancaccio has already started campaigning for Steve "Slimeball" Stuart, failing to understand that the writing on the wall is something completely different from what he's troweling out on his shithouse stall.

The crushing defeat of loot rail county wide combined with Stuart's own quite fateful words at the end of yesterday's county commissioner meeting will be enough to "Marc Boldt" him in ways that will make Lefty want to hang himself.
"And I've said it before: I don't speak for the people.. I will NEVER speak for "the people," I speak for Steve and some of you are going to agree with me and some of you aren't."
Then he's sitting on the wrong side of the microphone and is unfit to govern.

But realizing that requires a level of insight that scum like Brancaccio (who said much the same thing about Boldt) and Stuart do not have.

So, his babble today serves as a warning that he will continue to demonize Madore and connect Madore as part of that demonization to whoever may run against Slimeball.

And that doesn't matter any more than the whiny, sniveling garbage about Lefty's effort to get everyone to vote "no" on the transportation advisories mattered.

Stuart will lose.

I guarantee it.  The world outside the Vancouver Gulag is vastly different than the bucolic dorf Lefty sees.  Anger is what's required to get rid of incumbents.  And anger is what that scumbag Stuart has provided.

67% plus, county wide had their say yesterday.  And if this county has a county-wide election in November of 14, then that lying son of a bitch will be gone.

Because tying him to loot rail will have much more impact that tying any GOP candidate, no matter who they may be, to Madore... Lefty's babbling for the local democrats notwithstanding.

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