Monday, October 07, 2013

The irony of the democratian running an article about the pain of the government shutdown and small business near Lewis – McCord, cannot be overlooked.

As a leftist rag, there will be no doubt that the democratian will continue to run all of these articles that show the so-called pain of the alleged government shutdown. Early figures of course, show that approximately 83% of the government continues to run as before.

How often does anyone think that the democratian is going to run articles about the polls that indicate that the people hate Obama care?  That is both the crux and the entirety of this situation. Clearly the American people have made their desires known in this matter, and their desires to get away from this rip off will grow every day when they discover the depths of this theft and the violation of the promises the president and his cronies have made concerning the implementation of his program.

Remember all that crap about saving $2500 a year? Remember all that crap about keeping your current doctor or keeping your current insurance?

Are we going to see the same number of articles on that?

The irony of this article is that the democratian would run such a thing, without ever having run an article about the impacts on small business here locally once the CRC tolls are enacted.

There are wide variety of estimates concerning the amount of money that will be required to spend every year just to commute to work in return. The closest estimate is approximately 8 dollars per day for each of the approximately 65,000 commuters who go to Multnomah County to work every day.

That means that the 65,000 commuters a day going to Multnomah and surrounding counties will be spending approximately $2000 a year each to pay the tolls. 65,000×2000 equals… $130 million a year in tolls.

For most, the question is always been: where exactly is that money going to come from?

What exactly will be impact on small business here in Clark County be?

Well, the CRC scammers never want to address that question.

Ultimately, for many, the answer is going to be a dramatic reduction in discretionary spending. Discretionary spending, is the kind of spending that goes on when you buy a pizza, go to a movie, go to a restaurant, go drag racing, or go to any number of other activities around the area that require money to actually participate in.

My question: what happens to the small businesses that depends on THAT money?

I find it just the tiniest bit odd, that this newspaper, would be so concerned about the small businesses around Lewis – McCord, without showing any concern over the small business that will be crushed by the tolls that they advocate on the CRC scam.

Just sayin'.

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