Thursday, October 24, 2013

Stunningly enough, I agree with Obama: we should have an immigration bill by the end of the year…

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Just not the one he thinks.

This is a very hot issue for the Republicans… One the GOP cannot win.

The GOP can do what they did with the vast majority of other government issues and spending bills and cave to Obama, in which case the GOP will take the blame for having gone this long without caving to Obama; or the GOP can do what needs to be done and accept nothing less than the proposals below.

Since the GOP can't win, then what say they try something increasingly bizarre... like sticking to the principle that if you're here, or going to come here illegally... we don't reward you for that?

The fringe left Obama plan will be just as disastrous as Reagan’s amnesty.  For history buffs, we were assured back in the day that giving all the illegals that were here violating our laws amnesty would absolutely solve this problem.

How did that work out for us?

There are many, many ways that are much simpler, easier, and cheaper.

First and foremost, we have to understand that no matter what the GOP agrees to here, it’s not going to make any difference when it comes to the issue of illegal aliens.  No matter what laws are passed, no matter what accommodation is made, we will continue to have millions of illegals within this country that will not do what needs to be done to be legal.  That’s a given.  We know this, because after the last amnesty, millions around this country then still did not go forward and do what needed to be done to become legal.

This issue is rarely if ever brought up, but it’s a fact.  So now that we’ve established that, what can happen this time?

The same thing.

And it’s going to happen because we will not take the steps that we need to take to take care of the problem.

The steps are relatively easy, easy to understand, easy to implement.

All of the steps in question have to be done in such a way so that the United States ceases being the destination resort for illegal aliens.  This means doing some relatively straightforward yet simple and undeniably unpleasant actions that will actually serve to put an end to this problem.  The issue of illegal aliens will not stop being a problem because we go through charade of legalizing it.

Like so many other problems we face; the United States, as well as the various states and communities within our country, lack the will needed to address these issues… We somehow seem to believe that by playing pattycake with those would violate our laws we are somehow going to resolve the problem.

Technically, you could make murder legal it the states had the will.  Would making murder legal in the eyes of the law make it go away as a problem?

Of course not.  So what we have here is a president who’s bent on making this problem disappear, by changing a few words in our laws.  In a more sober moment, the president would acknowledge that no matter what we do with the law, it will not resolve the problem.…  If the laws are not written to end the incentive for illegal aliens to come here in the first place.

He’s unconcerned about the billions of additional dollars he would waste on these illegals; he’s completely shown a disregard for the impacts on our job market by these illegals; in short, he cares more about the illegals, it would seem, than the American people themselves.  Who knew?  I always thought it was Americans that were supposed to be his primary concern.

Now, when the illegal aliens get caught, or arrive at the border, they are so knowledgeable about the system, that they can game it indefinitely.  They’ll just asked for amnesty.  And as a result, we let them go, until they get a hearing… If they bother to show up.

Why should they avoid coming here when they know that were going to be waiting for them with open arms and social programs and in food stamps and housing and free medical care….  All it little to no cost to them.

As I’ve already pointed out, the solutions to these problems are relatively simple.

First and foremost: no illegal alien, no person of any variety who cannot prove their legal status, should be allowed to receive any city, state or federal benefit of any kind.

That’s right: no food stamps, no medical, no shelter, no nothing.  And those who distribute these benefits, would be required by law to ascertain citizenship status before one dime moved.  Those whining about how their job as a law enforcement, can always feel free to quit and go work at McDonald’s were nobody will care.  But if they are representatives of the government or of any of the governments within this country there number one job is to obey the law.  And if that makes them uncomfortable?

Tough noogies: they can feel free to quit.

That includes schooling for illegal alien children.  That includes reduced tuition for illegal alien college students.  That includes taking it a step further by ending the practice of putting out of state or out of country students to the head of the line when it comes to getting seats in our colleges and universities.  This means that those attending are schools in the United States would have to prove their citizenship status.  And that means like it or not (and I really don’t give a damn if they like it or not) that the schools would be required to find proof of citizenship, or deny entry of students into their school.

Second: make it illegal for illegal aliens to own any property.  That means that those who are here illegally, when they earn a living illegally, and buy things, the owner (and that would include de facto owners) discovered to be an illegal alien, would have their assets treated the same as if an American citizen was discovered to be a drug dealer, and they should suffer forfeiture as a result.

Third: get rid of this idiocy of illegal aliens having driver’s licenses.

Fourth: denying anyone who is or who has ever been an illegal alien the opportunity to find a “pathway to citizenship.”

Fifth: make anyone who hires or makes money in any way off of the illegal alien subject to the same laws as drug dealers: that is, if they hire illegal aliens to work for them or utilize them in some other capacity, they become subject to the same forfeiture laws as a drug dealer.  Personally, I believe that this would make it much less likely that illegal aliens would be employed in the United States, if those doing the employing ran the risk of losing everything.

At this point, some are no doubt thinking, that this requires some sort of federal ID card.  I don’t have a problem with that.  I served in countries that have federal ID cards, most notably six years in Germany, where all citizens, 16 and over are required to have this ID known as a “personalauswies.” (Personal aus vice) These laws are relatively straightforward, easy to understand, lack a lot of technical elements, and should be broadcast far and ride wide around the world.

Some out there would object to such an idea.  Those who object the strongest.  However, have yet to come up with an idea that would supersede this in such a way that it would dramatically impact are a illegal alien population.  This does not represent any kind of a sacrifice to me, my driver’s license has served essentially the same function for a long time.  But it would put an end to many issues concerning welfare fraud, voter fraud, and of course it illegal alien issues.

Now some reading this would break their own job is screaming that I’m a xenophobe.

Nothing could be further from the truth; I was once married to someone who was born outside this country, but who went through the legal process of becoming a US citizen.

And that’s what I advocate.

I would be the first to agree that our current system of enabling legal immigration is as screwed up as the VA claims situation.

So for my purposes, I’m fully in favor of immigration reform… But not the immigration reform the fringe left wants… the immigration reform that they see as a way to keep themselves in power forever.

My immigration reform plan would have the five elements listed above, as well as an actual overhaul and expansion of our current bureaucracy to ensure that requests for legal immigration are handled expeditiously and legally, so that they meet the requirements of law currently in place, but typically ignored by a government that really doesn’t give a damn about the letter of the law, except when it suits them.

And if the criteria cannot be met?  Then you cannot come into this country.

Folks, this isn't rocket science; the fringe leftists amongst us are open border advocates that really don’t care about issues like border security and economics of having millions of the illegals in our country, taking the jobs away from citizens.  That makes them no nevermind because they see each and every one of them is a potential Democrat voter and that, ladies and gentlemen, is all they give a damn about.

My concerns extend far beyond that.  My concerns are related to our security, and our economy.  Not to mention the fact that frankly, I am sick of billions of our scarce tax dollars going to fund the illegal alien resort factory that the United States of America has sadly become.

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