Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Memo to Steve Stuart: you've sold us out for the last time.

Acting as the democrats PR arm generally and now, certainly, Steve "Slimeball" Stuart's image rehabilitation effort via earned media specifically, the democratian posted Stuart's blithering idiocy of a justification for selling the people of this county out tio TriMet.

Here's the thing, Stuart: there is no justification for your actions.  None.

And here's my pledge to you:  (Emailed this morning)
I believe your CTran sell-out vote was despicable, and I will devote myself to removing you from government.
I watched as you sold us out, Commissioner Stuart.
And no amount of your babble on facebook and the efforts by the Columbian to rehab your public image will change that… because NOTHING you wrote justifies yoking the people of this county to ever-increasing tolls for your… and your slimy weasel buddy’s… light rail project for the next 40 plus years, no matter WHAT the terms of this betrayal.. which YOU are certainly going to own for the remainder of your time in the public eye.

In the upcoming election of next year and for years to come, I will do everything I humanly and legally can do to make sure that you are never elected/re-elected to any position again.

I will freely devote my time, my effort, what money I can spare… I will do everything possible to insure your defeat.  I will work for free and I will support every other candidate running against you.

Not just now… but as long as I live.

You have ignored us and screwed us for THE last time.
I look forward to your removal from government, you slimy worm.

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