Saturday, October 12, 2013

Is Obama trying to save the GOP from itself?

Yesterday the news leaked out that the House GOP went groveling to the president.

As I had previously mentioned, this will ultimately spell disaster for the GOP in the upcoming midterm elections, if in fact it's true.

So this morning, we're greeted with Obama's decision not to accept the deal that the House laid at his feet.

Politically, Obama's rejection of the House deal was absolutely the right thing for him to do. He smells blood in the water, Boehner's blood.

The local example of what a caucus can do, as long as they remain unified, is to be found no further away than Olympia. The Majority Coalition Caucus (MCC) is the very model of what a caucus can do as long as it hangs together.

Who knew that the GOP leadership of the Congress of the United States could take lessons from little podunk Washington state's Senate?

As I have mentioned before, the only way for the GOP or even the country to gain any advantage out of the closure, is to see it through. Vacillating on these issues, allowing what the media says, or even allowing what polls say, to influence your decision makes as much sense as it did for Obama to ignore those the same elements when it came to his signature healthcare plan.

There has yet to be a poll published that indicates that the American people want the affordable care act, a.k.a. Obama care. I must admit I am mystified as to why the president can ignore those polls, but we have to live with the polls set up by hostile, typically leftist, organizations to make the GOP cave.

The House GOP has a case. If anything, they've been clumsy and inept in the presentation of that case, but ultimately the case in question is the best case to be made not only for the American people but for America itself.

At some point, these people are going to have to get the balls to deal with our out-of-control spending.

If not now, then when?

The issues that drove us into sequestration have not been resolved. One must wonder, since those issues have not been resolved, then why did the GOP make the effort to cave on many of them?

The only available course for the Republicans in the house, or in Congress generally, is to stay the course and see this through. Failure to do that, is the biggest recipe for disaster.… Both political, and economic.

At some point, political leadership must put the welfare of this country ahead of their desire for transient power, or reelection. It becomes increasingly obvious to me that this whimpering about the polls and what the talking heads are saying shows that the welfare of the country is by far secondary to the welfare of their reelection bid.

I am not, of course, a political neophyte. I'm pragmatic enough to recognize that the desire for power, and the desire to be reelected, unfortunately for this country, exceeds all other instincts on the part of most politicians in Washington DC.

Unfortunately, this frequently leads to the argument in support of term limits.… As if term limits. This corruption. It would not.

In our neighbor to the south, Mexico, their presidents are limited to one term. These men inevitably, go into the presidency with some level of wealth, that is geometrically increased during their term in the presidency.

For those individuals who go into politics with a bent towards corruption, such as our local city councilman in Vancouver in some commissioners on the County commission, the only cure is to remove them from office. Term limited or no, they would still be corrupt.

That would solve nothing here.

At this rate, it's likely that we're going to reach the point where the question will become: reelection to precisely what?

Meanwhile, Obama comes along, and screws up the deal on the table where Boehner does everything including kiss his ring.

Obama is not a political genius. Where his genius lays in this situation, is an intuitive knowledge that he's dealing with cowards. A group of people where bluster is the rule of the day, but substance is strangely lacking.

This was a political fact of life that he learned several years ago. The end result?

The Democrats have gotten everything they've wanted. It may have taken a little longer than expected, but ultimately the RINOs and the cowards in the GOP have acquiesced to every demand, every time.

Every element of government that's wrong has been enabled by the GOP. Every... single... one.

From bailouts, to huge budgets, to political payoffs, the jacking of our taxes, to a weak dollar, to a laughable foreign-policy, to laughable domestic policies; the GOP has been complicit in all of that. And now instead of doing the right thing, once again the House is going to do what Obama counts on all along.

That Obama has said "no" here, is but a negotiating tool, because he knows that if he says the word no to Boehner long enough, Boehner will ultimately cave completely.

Because that's how he rolls.

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