Wednesday, October 23, 2013

In Their View: Slavery is here to stay.

I freely admit that there is a history of social programs that come into effect essentially becoming a permanent part of the landscape.  The Tennessee Valley Authority, for example, or the Rural Electrification Administration. come to mind.  But there are exceptions to every rule, and this, I believe, is one of those.

As a fringe-left publication, it’s not surprising that the morons at the democratian actually would support Obamacare like it's inevitable... not unlike a rape victim with a knife to her throat..  However, the ineptitude of the entirety of the program has been on display since its inception, and not just the focus on the inability of people at least going through the motions of signing up for this disaster.  And that makes it quite vulnerable to destruction.

Ultimately, what we’re seeing is but the beginning of the problems of this system.  The lies from the president are endemic: costs have skyrocketed, hundreds of thousands of people have been and will be kicked out of their current health care programs (you know the ones Obama said we can keep if we wanted to?),  And while we need to have 30 million people sign up for this idiocy for this thing to pencil out, the Administration’s goal right now is only 7 million.

Where’s the money going to come from to pay for the difference?

This particular editorial sounds like it was written by the Democratic National Committee to excuse this stupidity.  The problem that the democratian generally, and the Democrats specifically have is this: when a man lies to get elected, to stay elected, and then tries to provide cover for his own mistakes by lying even more; at some point, the people are going to conclude we’ve had enough.
Whether it’s Tim “the liar” Leave–it, or that empty suited, racist bigot in the White House, the fact is that the people HAVE had enough.  

Had Obama been able to keep his promises about any of this… Or for that matter about anything at all… that would be different.  But sentient beings knew better.  The numbers simply did not add up during their early lies... you cannot add 40,000,000+ to the insurance roles without massive increases in costs... and they don't add up now.

That the democratian can’t see this, or won’t see it, is totally beside the point: the American people have never supported Obama care.  Let me repeat that: the American people have never supported Obama care.  And that’s the main difference between this program, and any other social program that we been confronted with in this country: generally speaking, the programs that are in place now are the programs that the American people of supported from their inception and implementation.

This program has never been fettered by that particular set of circumstances.  And as time goes on, and people come to find out that it’s even worse than this despicable excuse for journalism is trying to tell us, more and more will demand its demise.

If the democratian’s attitude was the correct one... if, as they falsely claim, nothing can be done about this inevitable rape, we would still have slavery in this country.

There's no and to what an angry people can do when aroused by a tyrannical government.  More and more, that appears to be the case right here… And right now.

Obama care is wrong.  It’s been wrong  from its inception.  And unlike the moron who wrote that editorial, more and more Americans are waking up to the fact that the idiocy surrounding the Obama care portal is but a symptom of the greater disease; the rot and corruption of the Obama administration

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