Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ever wonder what Anthony Bittner is up to?

He's an interesting fellow.

Made something of a splash when he announced for 18th District State Representative back in 2010.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

So, a 17 year old announces for the 18th. Fascinating.

This is certainly one to watch. I'd rather have him up there than at least one of my current legislative crew.

Skyview senior joins race for 18th Dist. seat
Young Republican says cutting taxes on business would create jobs

By Kathie Durbin
Columbian staff writer

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Skyview High School senior Anthony Bittner is the latest candidate to throw his hat in the crowded race for the open 18th District legislative seat.

The seat is being vacated by Rep. Jaime Herrera, R-Camas, who is running for Congress.

Anthony Bittner is a candidate for the 18th District seat
Although just 17, Bittner will turn 18 — and be eligible to serve in the Legislature — in April, well before the June filing deadline for the 2010 election.

He plans to announce his candidacy at 2 p.m. today at the Three Creeks Library, 800 N.E. Tenney Road in Vancouver.
There's more at the link.  I blogged about him a little bit...

Ultimately, it was a rather self-indulgent exercise... and he was crushed in the primary.  (Last in a 7-way with just under 600 votes)

Latter... things started going south for him:

Friday, September 17, 2010

Where's the Columbian on this? Former State Representative Candidate Anthony Bittner is in jail.

So, what's the deal? Sources tell me that among other charges looming is an "Armed Home Invasion." The charge showing here if I can decode it properly, is delivery of a controlled substance 40 grams pot with other charges showing... and no bail set. Where's the Columbian coverage? Don't tell me this mere blogger has scooped the rag AGAIN!

Fascinating. More later.
Ultimately, he pled guilty to a variety of charges...

Former legislative candidate, 19, pleads guilty in crime ring case

By Laura McVicker, Columbian staff writer
Published: July 7, 2011, 4:57 PM
Updated: July 7, 2011, 6:31 PM

Anthony Bittner, left, consults with his attorneys, Thomas Phelan, center, and Steven Myers, right, before pleading guilty Thursday to attempted residential burglary and possesion of stolen property. Bittner, 19, ran for the state House of Representatives in August, shortly before his arrest. (Photo by Troy Wayrynen)
A teenage former candidate for the state Legislature who ran on a platform of conservative values pleaded guilty Thursday to charges related to his role in an organized crime ring.

Anthony Bittner, who ran in the August 2010 primary election for now-Congresswoman Jamie Herrera Beutler’s open 18th District House seat, admitted to attempted residential burglary and second-degree possession of stolen property.

Bittner, 19, will be sentenced Sept. 29.

Senior Deputy Prosecutor Alan Harvey said the crimes carry a standard sentencing range of between four-and-a-half months and nine months in jail.

Bittner is among at least three teenagers whom prosecutors say were enlisted by a Young Life leader, Jorgan Cattin, to commit property crimes throughout Clark County last September. Cattin is charged with leading organized crime, a class A felony. He goes on trial Sept. 12.

Bittner initially was charged with six crimes, including manufacture of a controlled substance (marijuana) and trafficking stolen property. As part of Bittner’s plea bargain, the 2010 Skyview High School graduate agreed to cooperate with prosecutors in their case against Cattin.

Through attorneys Steven Myers and Tom Phelan, Bittner admitted his role Thursday to Clark County Superior Court Judge Barbara Johnson. He said he and others conspired to burglarize a home in Battle Ground on Sept. 14 and that he took part “by driving to and waiting outside” the house.
So... what's he up to now?

Well, if his Linkedin page is to be believed, he's a "Student Ambassador" for Clark College.


Clark College

Represent students and the college at events, student recruitment and enrollment, campus tours, staff events.

Clark Connect Caller

Clark College Foundation

Warehouse Supervisor

BlackJack Pyroworks

Handling inventory, training new employees and assisting with sales. Second-year seasonal employee.

Social Events Coordinator

Clark College

Appointed as a Member of the Activities Programming Board at Clark College. Underwent extensive leadership and diversity training. Involved with budgeting, planning and executing events on campus.Served on the Finance Committee as well as the College Council.

Volunteer Coordinator

Scott Hansen for State Senate
Odd, that.  What appears to be someone convicted of also what appears to be multiple felonies holding such an obviously high-profile job?


kikibird said...

The real story here is one of redemption. Anthony put himself into drug treatment 3 years ago after his arrest, without a nudge from the judge, and has been clean ever since. As a member of the Clark College Finance Committee, he pushed to balance their budget for the first time in 20 years, and ended a lot of wasteful cronie-style spending and used those monies to benefit all the students at Clark. Maybe you should dig a little and write the real story here. I'd love to see you scoop the Columbian on it

Just a guy said...

I can't say that I agree.

First and foremost, the crimes he's committed and accused of committing haven't come close to being paid for.

Where would anyone else you know be if they'd been involved in theft, home invasions and counterfeiting?

And another question, where would he be if he didn't have connections?

Come back in another ten years or so. Then, perhaps, we can discuss "redemption."