Tuesday, October 15, 2013

David Madore's integrity resolution.

So, David Madore will be presenting a resolution that suggests local elected officials should apologize to the voters, claiming “we have not acted with integrity.”

For me, there’s a great deal to admire about David Madore. Equally, as a political neophyte who seems to believe that Robert’s Rules of Order equals the Marquis of Queensberry’s rules of conduct, I occasionally cringe… Not at what he is trying to do in particular… as much as how he goes about trying to do it.

People in politics are typically not nice. I would say that that description applies to the majority of them in politics. They are typically not going to respond to honor, integrity, or courage as appeals to doing the right thing, when those things interfere with their agenda. That is not to say that you should not go in there swinging, but David shouldn’t be surprised when they attack as a result… like the commenters on this article have stupidly attacked in their efforts to deflect and like his political opponents will attack. Expect snarky crap from the likes of Tim Leavitt, Steve Stuart, molehill Moeller and that ilk; they don’t care how this project happens as long as it happens; they wouldn’t care if they had to sell their own mothers to itinerant slave traders who were franchising houses of prostitution.

Their responses to this effort will show that in exquisite detail. And what will Madore do then?
Well, what he should’ve done is avoided it in the first place. This resolution could have been written and presented in such a way that none of this would’ve happened. It could’ve been written in such a way to force the CRC Scammers to defend their actions, even in the face of the overwhelming evidence of their own corruption.

The CRC is absolutely rife with corruption. You don't blow thru $175 million, have nothing to show for it and wind up with this disaster without a whole lot of palms getting greased... illegally.Those who voted to ram this project through without enabling adequate public oversight, public scrutiny, public examination and the like are merely continuing on with the CRC policy of ignoring the public to ram this project down our throats with or without our approval.

David’s problem here is, like a dish in a high class restaurant, 50% of it is presentation.

The way this was presented will enable David Madore’s political enemies to utilize his own political history as a way to deflect from his point.

Subjective terms such as “integrity” lay him wide open for charges that will enable the CRC Scammers to bring out the Benton debacle as a reason that Madore is engaging in hypocrisy.

Regardless of all the circumstances surrounding the Benton hiring, the fact is that it’s provided an opening to Madore’s political enemies. It is the kind of neophyte move, which was so mishandled, that it has enabled his political enemies a place to set the hook… The place they are unlikely to let go of… A place that will have overly complicated a relatively simple idea.

The wording and presentation of such a resolution, could have been done in such a way to avoid all that. That it wasn’t done in that way goes to the heart of the matter: the David Madore is a good man, not a politician; and that he has yet to develop the understanding required to be effective in the political realm.

Had he presented a resolution which simply called for an investigation to all parties involved in this matter; had he, for example demanded an investigation into Tim “the liar” Leavitt’s ethics violations; had he for example, phrase this in such a way that the issue of corruption was the lead, then there would have been no way that any type of comparison could remotely been drawn between Madore himself and those he is now challenging over their C Tran vote.

That is what he could of done… That is what he should’ve done. But that is not what he did do.

The end result is that he’s weakened his own position unnecessarily. In the future, he needs to run an effort such as this by someone who is aware of politics, it’s corrosive impact when improperly handled and stop holding himself up as a piƱata, allowing his political detractors to attack him personally, for an effort that he’s trying to implement to protect the will of the people of Clark County.

It’s not that those who betrayed our trust need to apologize to us; it’s more like they need to resign from office, face indictment, and be imprisoned.

None of those things will happen without an investigation from proper authorities.  Those authorities cannot in any way be connected to local, county or state government... That means that federal authorities should be looking into this. The effectiveness of this resolution would of been greatly enhanced he just stuck to that.

A formal request of the FBI, that Tim Leavitt and Steve Stewart face investigation over their actions concerning the CRC, would have been entirely proper and in order.… As well as removing Steve Stuart as the chair of the County commission, during the entirety of said investigation.… An action that should’ve happened months ago after he attempted that lynch mob idiocy during the County Commissioner meeting.

There can be no doubt that this most recent CRC debacle lacks legal sufficiency to be implemented in any way. The appropriate actions in court can certainly undo this Gordian knot. This resolution states the obvious, but it nibbles around the edges instead of getting to the heart of the matter. The end result?

Exactly what is going to be accomplished here?

Handing your political opponents several easy ways to deflect from the matter at hand, by the wording and presentation of this resolution?

The likely outcome… Is to be… Nothing. And that’s a shame. This could have been a contender.

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