Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Cementing their bias, the democratian endorses the three CRC Stooges running for city council.

No one's particularly surprised that the democratian has endorsed the three CRC Stooges running for the Taliban City Clowncil of Vancouver.  After all, in Der F├╝hrer Brancaccio's world, dissent... vill...not... be... TOLERATED. And it's likely that the outcomes will be roughly the same as they were when the democratian endorsed, for example, that clueless Burley woman who was crushed at the polls in the primary.

Going back to the previously set criteria the democratian used as the filter they employed when they endorsed that lying scumbag Tim "the liar" Leavitt, which included determining party (Democrat?) Support of the CRC scam (are you for it?) Support of loot rail (are you for it?) Is the race remotely competitive? (These likely are) these endorsements were the natural outcome.

The rag is far more concerned about their agenda than any other single or combination of factors when it comes to their endorsement process. That of course, is what makes their endorsements so universally worthless... Since the democratian's agenda typically is opposed by the people of this community.

This explains the obvious reasons that the democratian has yet to endorse anyone who opposes the CRC scam, if they are in anything remotely approaching a competitive race. It's part and parcel of what guided their hatred of Don Benton, David Madore, and Tom Mielke.

For years, this blogger has noticed that situational ethics rules the day in democratian endorsements, as on one occasion they'll endorse somebody who supports their agenda, and utilize an issue such as "experience" as a basis for that endorsement; and in the next endorsement they'll support someone with no experience whatsoever, forgetting all about the experience of the person that they oppose, as long as the inexperienced candidate they support slavishly defends their agenda..

All of those scams are present and accounted for here as on one hand the issue with Berkman is allegedly his "collegial positive style of governance and engagement," not to mention his rabid support of the CRC scam, while manufacturing a reason to oppose 12 year incumbent city Councilwoman Jeannie Stewart, who is not all sweetness and light in the face of her tremendous minority position in opposing the CRC ripoff that these people are ramming down our throats.

The effort is patently absurd and transparent. The more rabid the support of their agenda, the more rabid their opposition to the people, the more likely the democratian is to support them.

That is the democratian's philosophy, it is their creed, and it is what they do in an effort to support those who carry their water like Gunga Din.

Again, no one was surprised that they did this.  Brancaccio isn't anything if he isn't predictable, and the candidates who did not get the democratian's support in these races should again view it as a badge of honor, like Bill Turley should view his nonsupport by the democratian is a badge of honor.

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