Friday, October 18, 2013

Brancaccio, Rice, and the rest of the democratian sink to new lows.

For years now, the slime running the democratian have been lying to us.

When I moved here after leaving the Army back in 88, the fringe-left whack job running the democratian was Tom Koenninger… Who handed it off to one of the slimiest, lying scumbags it has been my displeasure to ever know of.

It's not just that this guy is this fringe left scumbag, it's that he refuses to admit it.

So when you find yourself in a situation where your caught lying, it would perhaps be to your advantage to get out of that hole by climbing out; not by continuing to dig.

Naturally, when you're a slimeball, you're going to attract slimeballs to come and work for you.  The following sorry episode, all too typical of that worthless rag known as the democratian, illustrates this to perfection.

Executive summary: they were caught lying about Bill Turley, candidate for Mayor of Vancouver.

It's not the first time these scum have lied, nor is it the thousandth time these scum have lied, because they lie typically with every article that has anything to do with anything involving their agenda.

Surely this is an absolute example of the fish rotting from the head down, and in this case, the head?

Lou Brancaccio and Scott Campbell, who allows that slimeball to even remain employed.
When I interviewed mayoral candidate and Vancouver City Councilor Bill Turlay on Oct. 7 and asked about his 1994 bankruptcy filing, he blamed the failure of his company, Contech Corporation, on a business partner.
Turlay’s wife Stephanie, who serves as his campaign manager, first denied Bill was president of Contech. She and I went back and forth – with me pointing out that Turlay was listed as president in the bankruptcy filing and with the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office — until Bill interrupted and confirmed he had been president.
When I asked for the name of the business partner at fault, Stephanie wouldn’t tell me, saying the name wasn’t relevant. Bill eventually said it was Denny McCoy. I noticed a “Denton and Karin McCoy” listed under “creditors holding unsecured nonpriority claims” in the bankruptcy papers. (Although under “amount,” it just said “precautionary.”)
But I didn’t think I would be able to contact McCoy, as Bill told me he had heard McCoy was dead.
As I wrote in my story about the mayoral race, Turlay said he learned from the bankruptcy experience.
So why am I bringing this up? I did some searching online, found an address for Denton and Karin McCoy in Florida, went to the website for the county where they live and saw they were current on their property taxes. That’s odd, I thought. I’ve heard the saying, “Nothing is certain but death and taxes,” but I didn’t know dead people could pay taxes. (But in Florida, who knows?) Since I couldn’t find a phone number for the McCoys, I sent them an old-fashioned letter.

There's more of this garbage, of course, and Stephanie Rice is known for lying and printing sewage about people that isn't true… Myself being a case in point.

And when this bitch writes: "So why am I bringing this up?"

Everything after that is a lie.  She's bringing it up, entirely and only because these people want that lying bastard, the Mayor of Vancouver, to be reelected.  They don't care that he has no integrity; they don't care that he's as trustworthy as any other criminal newly released for Multnomah County jail, they don't care that he lied to get elected.  They just care that he's wearing out kneepads to ram the CRC Scam down our throats.  That's the only thing that matters to them: if he was a convicted sex offender, they still want him to be Mayor of Vancouver.

In of all the many despicable things this slimeball crack reporter has written, this obvious lie, which is still in the newspaper on the website, has to come close to the top of the list.

Completely refuted, known to be false, and these people don't even have the decency to take it down.

It's fairly obvious that Clark County has some bad karma.  If we didn't, we'd have a newspaper that actually told the truth, and was proud of it.  We'd have a newspaper that actually served the people of this community... Instead of a newspaper that serves an agenda, which will in the end hurt the people that it's supposed to be helping.

This… Is an example… Of that.

It's the perfect storm of a group of amoral individuals, who have no shame, and who simply do not care about the differences between right… Or wrong.

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Lew Waters said...

Inadvertently, Rice even admits to it being a witch hunt with, "But I didn’t think I would be able to contact McCoy, as Bill told me he had heard McCoy was dead."

Read their tweets and it is obvious they determined Bill lied about his ex-partner being dead.

But even she admits he said he had HEARD he was dead, just as Bill said.

Is he to be faulted that their partnership, nearly 20 years ago ended and they do not get along, the ex-partner having misappropriated funds that sent them into a bankruptcy?

And what was said in the letter she says she received back, but doesn't reveal?

Surely if he said anything juicy, we would have seen that?

It's just another example of the slime down at the Lazy C