Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Another crisis and another silence from Brandon Vick

One of the biggest concerns that I had about Brandon Vick was that as a state representative, he would do the absolute minimum to pick up a paycheck. I have not been disappointed.

Southwest Washington is in a crisis since the CTran board raped Clark County with this decision to cede our sovereignty to TriMet.  We've been in a crisis for days now and it's the kind of crisis that I expect my representatives to be taking an active part in fixing.

There are certain things you can count on in local politics.  You can count on the sun coming up in the morning and going down in the evening, you can count on Sen. Ann Rivers and Rep. Liz Pike to be out there battling the forces of "Evil", and you can count on state representative Brandon Vick to be doing absolutely nothing.

If that is your expectation, as it is mine, then you will not be disappointed.

This is a fistfight with special interest in downtown Vancouver, and Portland, Oregon, where people's opinions are meaningless.

I want to know: where the hell is Brandon Vick?

We know where Sen. Rivers is. We know where Rep.Pike is. They're leading the fight to throw off this 40 year plus yoke of oppression from people who do not give a damn what the people of Clark County need or want.

But where's Brandon?

How come he's not involved?

When is he going to do something?

I already know the answer to that: never.

I've got to tell you that whoever runs against Brandon Vick in the next election will get my time, my effort, my energy, and my money; so that somebody will be elected that will actually do the job.

And Brandon Vick ain't it.

(Dictated with Dragon NaturallySpeaking in preparation for hand surgery later this week)

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