Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Moeller's voter pamphlet garbage on loot rail.

In plowing through the latest version of War and Peace known as our voter's pamphlet, I was reading the advisory statements... and, of course, stumbled across the arrogant mooing of Jim Moeller and fellow fringe-leftist Gretchen Starke.

The usual lies are present from the Mussolini-like arrogance of Jim "Molehill" Moeller, an aberration to the process of democracy because he is, frankly, the anti-representative, whose self-aggrandizement is only exceeded by his proven history of ignoring his constituency and screwing them, as well as the rest of the state in his twisted views on governance.

That said, here's what this idiot published in the voter's pamphlet in response to the advisory vote on loot rail.  Note, he was too much of a coward to mention that he's also a state representative.

Go figure.



  Statement against:

  Vote no on the Light Rail Advisory Vote. This confusing, non-binding measure decides nothing, settles nothing, and costs citizens a bundle.

As a typical fringe-leftist nutter, Moeller has always hated the idea of the people having a say on his agenda.  As it is, he can claim that no one supposing the people hate this loot rail scam can actually speak for the people: after all, how many time have we been told that the crushing defeat of the O&M scam last November wasn't a referendum on loot rail?

Well, of course it was... and the numbers in that election didn't even include the tens of thousands of us exacto-knifed out of such a vote through the efforts of my brother-in-law, former Clark County Commissioner Marc Boldt.

There's nothing confusing about this effort: it's to give a voice to those around the county who have been silenced.  Giving the people a voice is NEVER "confusing," except to those like Moeller who hate a process they, personally, can't control.

How'd that "what is, what isn't, candy tax" work out for you, moron?

    Vote no to tell the politicians to stop wasting our time and money with this and future non-binding measures that would cost taxpayers as much as $50,000 each.
There is a certain level of irony that first, Molehill would lie about the cost of this advisory vote, and second, that he would show concern over $50,000 having done everything he, personally, could do to waste tens of millions... tens of millions that HE, PERSONALLY, put into the budget to feed the economic black hole known as the CRC Scam.

Clark County's projected growth justifies nothing in comparison to the massive waste of the CRC Scam generally, and light rail, the only reason this steaming pile is being built, particularly.

The current bridge is serviceable, paid for, and adequate.  As commuter traffic FALLS, the number of people who will have to pay for this decreases and the amount they will have to pay increases, an entirely avoidable paradox by replacing the current bridge with one of a height that will support current and projected shipping needs without wasting additional tens of millions on paper... otherwise known as mitigation. 

    Clark County will grow by more than 150,000 people over the next 30 years. We’ll also get older, with 150% more people 60 and over. People with disabilities or who cannot afford cars also need mobility. We will need options to get around. Light rail helps, by carrying two to four times more people than buses and costing 35% less to operate than buses. By allowing a reliable option for more than 60,000 commuters, it leaves more highway capacity for freight and for those who choose to drive.
It's a shame that CTran buses are apparently not a "reliable option."  Moeller's smoke and mirrors, using "people with disabilities or who can't afford cars" as some sort of crutch, given that there are OTHER, cheaper, more efficient alternatives to light rail justifies nothing concerning this Scam.

Bus(es) plural carry multiples more people than light rail, and additionally, have the desired ability of being responsive to changing needs and demographics.

Once that rail is sunk into the ground, it's difficult to move it.

Changing needs or demographics with buses?

You just change the route.

The proposed CRC Scam, so rabidly supported by this idiot, does absolutely nothing for freight mobility or congestion: the CRC has admitted as much itself, with the completed, $10 billion or more project slicing an amazing 60 seconds off the commute time.

As it is now, people get stuck in traffic in the vicinity of the I5 bridge.  Following Molehill's plan, we will still get stuck in traffic... we'll just get to pay $8 in tolls every day for the privilege.

    Light rail supports more people living downtown so those people don’t crowd areas outside the city. It brings more businesses for us to shop or work in. Thus, it raises property values. Let's bring our taxes home instead of sending them to another state. Money to match our Federal dollars can come from state and local taxes we already pay. To operate light rail, money from riders and savings from replacing bus service could cover the cost.
No one who can afford it wants to live in downtown Vantucky, in part, because they're "represented" in government by scum like Molehill and Tim "The Liar" Leave-it.

Tens of millions of wasted dollars later, much of downtown is a ghost town.  And so it will remain, even after the 7 year ravage of loot rail construction that will block much of central Vancouver because it's clear that slime lime Molehill and leave-it simply do not care about the people they would govern.

The "money" Moeller is babbling about from the Fed is already gone.  It went to 17 other projects around the country.

The legislature of this state said "no" to this rip off, and it's going to REMAIN "no."

And For this clown to write: " To operate light rail, money from riders and savings from replacing bus service could cover the cost," knowing that massive, as much as $50 per ride subsidies are required to freight loot rail... in addition to the fact that shifting people from buses to loot rail does nothing to get them out of their cars, shows the level of disingenuous bullshit this guy will spew to get his scam passed.

     Don’t let empty promises for future non-binding votes stop us from getting back some of the taxes we already paid, and putting them to work in Clark County. Vote no on this measure.
Says the MASTER of the "Empty Promise," Jim Moeller.

The entirety of the CRC Scam is "empty promises."  They're lying about costs, lying about impacts, lying about results.  The entire project, that has already vaporized almost $200 million dollars with NOTHING to show for it, is a lie.

It's typical of leftists who believe their agenda should always be the most expensive possible.

It's typical of those career politicians like Moeller who are wholly-owned subsidiaries of the unions who've bought him like he was black and this was 1820.

Committee members:
    - Jim Moeller, Committee Chair

    - Gretchen Starke

    - Leah Jackson
Figures.  And it also figures that Moeller doesn't want the world to know he's in government.

It's strange to me that those most supportive of this rip off are the ones most horrified at the prospect of the people actually having a say... any kind of say.

If the CRC Scam was such a great idea, you'd think they come out here, sell it, and then bask in the glory of the overwhelming support for this rip off.  That they don't speaks for itself.

But their fear... their terror... is that loot rail is going to get crushed at the polls.  The people will speak on this.  How do they spin their overwhelming defeat?  How do they ignore it?  How do they vote to support any of this if it's soundly trashed at the polls?

And if, as I suspect, the numbers are overwhelmingly against this scam, what does the local newspaper and their bogus polling and years-long attack against loot rail/CRC opponents do?

Why does the left fear the will of the people?  Why do they want to keep us silent?  I have no problem living with the outcome of this, one way or the other... why does Moeller and his ilk?

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