Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dalesandro's sniveling.

Readers know I loath this fringe left whack job.  But this on his campaign face book page is the kind of sniveling punkism that proves he's unsuitable to be elected dog-catcher:

Happy to report this offensive sign has come down. A very positive thing for our city and her residents. We ARE better than what was displayed over the last couple days. Thank you to all who spoke up and made a difference!
Yo, Mikey: that sign isn't nearly as offensive as your efforts to keep people from finding out what a fringe-leftist you really are... particularly, unless you're on the city council (which you hopefully will never be) or your name is Ciraulo, Cortes or any other member of the city council, then it's nunja.
It;'s just a shame that your fellow leftist, Ciraulo, can't fight his own battles and needs a sock-puppet like you to do it for him.
The sign is not offensive, and if I could find it, I'd put it back up.
So, I guess the only real question is this: which one of you stole it?
Stop whining, Mikey.  Save it for after you hopefully lose... and Ciraulo with you.

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