Monday, September 23, 2013

Annette Cleveland? Just more lying democrat slime.

So, Annette "Repeatedly lied about having 25 votes" Cleveland got her panties in a bunch over Benton's letter, blasting the scummy "go it alone and screw the commuters of Clark County"plan that she thinks is all that.

Of course, she opened with a lie:
"Cleveland told Oregon state lawmakers, who are deciding whether to support a $2.75 billion Oregon-led CRC, that she doesn’t want them to be “misled by an overly vocal minority from our side of the river.”
...because like most CRC Scammers, lying is what she does.

"The vocal minority" from Clark County voted 12 - 3 in the legislature against the CRC Scam.

12 to 3.

So, while there IS a "vocal minority," its the scum representing the 49th District, as if all of the SW Washington commuting public won't get raped by Cleveland bending over for this rip off.

When you open with a lie, count on everything following it to also be a lie.   but lying?

That's just what that waste of skin, clueless and ignorant has she is, happens to do.

It's bad enough that we have Rep. Dispicable from the 49th.  To that, we can now add Sen. Scumbag.

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