Friday, August 02, 2013

Will the State GOP get stupid and go with McKenna or Rossi as chair?

So, Crosscut is shilling RINOs to take Kirby Wilbur's place as the state GOP Chair.

GOP chair: Speculation runs high
Could the state Republican Party be headed toward having a very high profile leader take over the chair's position? The Herald in Everett has raised the names of two prominent former elected officials (and gubernatorial candidates), onetime state Sen. Dino Rossi and former Attorney General Rob McKenna. An editorial on Wednesday made a strong case for McKenna, suggesting that the 2012 candidate might do as well in the post as the late Jennifer Dunn. She both strengthened the party as state chair and then went on to serve with true distinction in the U.S. House of Representatives. Political writer Jerry Cornfield then reported that the paper's editorial page editor, Peter Jackson, had heard that Rossi is "getting pressure" to lead the party.
In the case of McKenna, the last thing we need is another Luke Esser leftist.  McKenna's terrible campaign for governor shows that he's no more prepared to run the state party than he is to engage in brain surgery.

Turning the GOP into democrat-lite didn't work for Chris Vance, who was an abysmal chair who achieved abysmal results, and it won't work for a quasi-democrat like McKenna.

Rossi, of course, ran equally horrific campaigns for governor... and his sleeper campaign for the US Senate was a nightmare.

Of equal concern is that either would be an appendage of the Bellevue Mafia... who views the state GOP as a subsidiary of the rich and powerful... thus, Washington remains one of the two states where the GOP headquarters is not in the state capitol...  Because if it were to move to Olympia where it should be, the distance would reduce the influence.

Whoever the next chair is, they have to understand that there needs to be much more to politics than a label of convenience... like McKenna's label of convenience... Republican... when his positions and speeches sounded like they were written by Comrade Dwight Pelz.

I, for one, believe that perhaps it's time for a leader who didn't lose King County by 120,000 votes or so.

But that's just me.

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