Thursday, August 08, 2013

Time for Herrera to step it up.

I've been calling for our congresswoman to introduce legislation that will impact the CRC Scam in a way the scum trying to do an end run around the Senate cannot ignore.

The legislative equivalent of herpes, outbreaks of arrogance and superiority are popping up at random times and places in such a way that the signatories of this rip off hope to be able to successfully complete their rape of the people of Clark County.

The usual scum are involved, the same slime who arrogantly believe their judgment... and their profit motive... at the expense of the people who they have done all they can to silence and ignore... remains superior to the people.

The way to put this to bed... permanently... is for our congresswoman to kill this rip off by getting rid of the federal dollars.  Further, she can act to raise the bridge height (Saving, perhaps, as much as a half-billion in mitigation costs)  strip off loot rail, and make sure that if the bridge IS replaced, it is done so primarily to decrease congestion and increase freight mobility and safety.

The CRC Lootrail Scam accomplished none of those goals.

The bridge CAN be retrofitted for earthquake safety, but the lie that the bridge was unsafe was put to bed by the idiot running Oregon who doggedly stuck to the "no loot rail, no bridge" scam.

We find ourselves back at square one.  A different square one, to be sure, but the same type of totalitarian arrogance so favored by the CRC Scammers with their policies to ignore the people who, ultimately,  will be responsible for paying the bill.

At this point, save for Senate concurrence with their skullduggery, this grand project will have to stop in the middle of the river.  Unless the legislature (i.e., the Senate) allows this type of garbage, those building this crap will not be allowed to set foot over the state line.

We are long since past the time when Herrera needed to act: she needs to act right now to strip out the federal dollars and put an end to this effort to ignore our Senate, ignore the vast majority of legislators from Clark County (12 out of the 15 representing the county voted "no.") while simultaneously ignoring the people of this county.

We are waiting on you, Congresswoman.  But we're not going to wait long.

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