Thursday, August 01, 2013

More arrogance and hypocrisy from the Lazy C - politicians are too stupid to know what's going on: only we do

There's certain things you can count on with out local rag: Mussolini-style arrogance, Goebbelian-type lies, and Pravda Izvestia-style attacks on enemies.

And another example of this is today's self flagellating editorial wherein Lefty Lou exclaims that he's the only one that gets it, and every politician generally (and GOP politicians in particular) doesn't get it.
But we wonder if state and county politicians actually understand what's going on, and if they're capable of or willing to embrace and encourage this economic recovery.
Oh, hell, no.  See, the democratian's post-bankruptcy geniuses are the only ones who know what's going on.

There's the obligatory backhand to the commissioners who are in the process of bitch-slapping the downtown mafia generally, and CRUDEC specifically, as if they've ever done anything worth the hundreds of thousands we, as taxpayers, have been paying them.  The lie from the scum who wrote this garbage column, that failing to shovel (Waste) more of our dollars on this rip off is "an economic depressant," an opinion offered but supported by... absolutely nothing.

We have some of the highest unemployment in the state, and likely THE highest unemployment for a county of our size.  These clowns pee their pants over a single quarter that may have shown some improvement... but improvement to what?  We've frankly gone from the leftist abysmal to the leftist miserable.

And there's no cause in celebration for that.

The moron who wrote this at the lazy C is using useful tools Peter Van Nortwick and Greg "Sell Out" Kimsey, both now figuring prominently on the "Do Not Elect" list.

The scumbag who wrote this garbage:
These kinds of risky, flimsy experiments have no place in an economic recovery. Nor does the Legislature's troubling inability to advance improvements in transportation infrastructure.
Had no problem with "risky, flimsy experiments" when it came to gay marriage and gays in the military.  And this clown also failed to read Lefty's CRC Memo:
If there is anything this new journey does NOT need, it's a rear-view mirror. To CRC supporters (including The Columbian's editorial board): It's over. Time to move on.
Odd that Lefty would write this... then trot that out whenever HE feels like it.

Frankly, if I were an elected, the LAST clowns I'd want to go to for ANY economic advise would be the scum that drove the democratian into bankruptcy.  Further, the rag has no way of knowing, one way or the other, WHAT the benefits or downsides of the commissioner's new policies on fees are... if they've worked... or if they haven't.  It's far too soon to tell.

But to the scum at the lazy C, none of that matters.  They don't like it, so they take every opportunity to attack the people responsible for it... even though they offer up absolutely NOTHING to support their positions: no facts, no figures, no research.

Just a couple of pull quotes from fake GOP hacks and more of their anti-conservative meme against David Madore and Tom Mielke.

The mistake that Lou's making is that his hard-on against these guys has been beaten so much, so many times and with such a bizarre, obsessive frequency... that it's becoming background noise.

At least the moron running the show down there hasn't violated the M&M copyright with this garbage.  That's progress of a sort.

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