Saturday, August 03, 2013

Lefty Lou lives in a cacoon.

Part of the simple puzzle that is Lefty Lou Brancaccio is that there seems to be a wall between reality and his brain.

There appears to be the "way Lefty sees it," zone which frequently bears no resemblance to the "reality of the world" zone.

That explains Lefty's latest lies, specifically about the departure of that scum bag editorial editor, John "pit yorkie" Laird.
When Editorial Page Editor John Laird strolled out The Columbian's door Friday, it did — indeed — bring to mind the obvious.
All good things must come to an end.
The only thing that would have been better would be for Scott Campbell to give into the impulse and fire Lefty Lou.

And, as the Chief Cockroach of the nest, Lefty Lou was ultimately responsible for everything that slimy turd ever wrote.  But that Lefty thought that the "pit yorkie" was a "good thing" is evidence of the very affliction I suggest causes such ineffective media exuding from the democratian out house.
He has written his heart out here for more than a decade, and Southwest Washington is much better off because of it. He showed up on our doorstep from Texas. We were in need of a new editorial page editor and did a national search.
"Heart?"  He had no heart.  He had a desire, shared by Lefty Lou, to destroy or damage those wise enough to stand up to their "Big Brother/1984" vision of us rabble being too stupid to understand the "grand vision."
We landed on John. All these years later, we couldn't have been happier.
Of course Lefty "couldn't be happier."  Laird emanated from the same rectal orifice...  two morons from the same pod.
John will tell you he has fallen in love with the Pacific Northwest and sometimes wishes he had discovered it earlier.
Odd.  Most of us despise him and wish he'd never heard of it.
The community respected his opinion, even if it didn't agree with it all the time. Yes, he had his critics. Anyone who toils in this business has critics. And those critics were listened to. But in the end — regardless of those in favor or those against — John penned his thoughts honestly.
This is, perhaps, the biggest lie of the many lies Lefty has ever printed.

The community didn't give a rat's ass about his "opinion."  It was full of proven lies, inevitably bent left and like Lou's, inevitably attacked everyone and everything to the right of Lenin.

Democrats always received a pass and were never held accountable.  Laird and Brancaccio are two of the biggest reasons that they now call David Madore "commissioner."  They galvanized the overwhelming opposition to the plague of the CRC Scam and the Ballpark Scam.

Josef Goebbels might have "penned his thoughts honestly" as he saw them, but does that excuse them?

Attacking the community you serve?  Alienating a huge chunk of those who might, otherwise, buy your worthless rag?  Writing like special interest groups are paying you?  Crucifying one end of the political spectrum while giving the other end complete media immunity?  (You can be sure this despicable rag is GOING to endorse the biggest liar in the history of local politics, for example...)

This is yet another symptom of the disease that's infected the democratian.
I still don't think everyone in the public understands editorials or opinion pieces.
And THIS idiocy: the "You're too stupid to figure it out" syndrome.  Part of the "we're the smartest guys in the room" meme 

We understood them perfectly.

They were an expression of the hard left, an expression of the fringe-whackadoo's done under the color and the auspices of an editor who would cheerfully circumvent the will of the people for his own totalitarian vision.

They are uniformly hostile, uniformly attacking and uniformly ignorant of reality.

That they are "opinion" doesn't make them worthy of print any more than Charley Manson's "opinions" are worthy of print.
Although John wrote virtually all of our editorials, those unsigned editorials — or opinion pieces — were not necessarily John's opinions. They were the editorial board's opinions. And John was only one-fifth of the editorial board.
So, yes, John sometimes wrote editorials he didn't agree with.
 Then he should have quit first.  So, you don't mind awfully if I call "bullshit" on that? 
We couldn't have asked any more of John and wish him the best in retirement. He is a class act!
You COULD have asked "more," it's just since, as the pit yorkie was your alter-ego, you didn't need to.

You could have "asked" for truth.  You could have "asked" for fairness.  You could have "asked" for less arrogance... less ego.

But then, well, Lefty, we all know you really COULDN'T have "asked" for that, since it was just another extension of you.

He was scum.  He won't be "missed" any more than the porn perv he replaced was "missed.".

And when you go, you won't be either.  You're both petulant jerks in the Tom Koenninger mold: he's been gone a long time, now, and nobody cares.  Just like nobody is going to miss the "wit and witticism" of the pit yorkie.

All of this goes to the heart of the matter: Lefty Lou seems incapable of processing reality.

As yet another week goes by where Lefty's been too much of a coward to address the demise of the CRC Scam, this is all evidence that Lefty is living in a dream world that bears little to no resemblance to reality.

And our community is worse off because of it.


Lew Waters said...

It doesn't speak well of anyone who pens an "opinion" piece in their name that is not their opinion.

A ghost writer might do that, but an editor?

Opinions are supposed to be what you think and wish to share, not what an unelected body wishes for the public to think.

It is no longer an opinion, but pure propaganda to sway someone elses opinion.

Just a guy said...

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