Tuesday, August 13, 2013

General observations on Freeholder candidate responses to date.

As of this writing, 13 candidates have responded to my email and have had their answers posted, unedited, on Clark County Freeholders Blog.

It would appear that some candidates have some interesting ideas about what they're their for and what they can and cannot do.

Democrats appear to be ashamed to admit their party affiliation, claiming it to be irrelevant since the position in question is non-partisan.

They also seem ashamed of their positions on the CRC and the Cowlitz Casino scams.... falsely claiming that they have no impact on those issues... which is, of course, flat out wrong if they want it to be.

The issue of partisanship doesn't disappear merely because the commissioners backed off their initial determination to make it a partisan.  Knowing a candidate's political leaning is certainly relevant given the job the respective parties have done here locally.

There's a reason that 11 out of 15 of the legislators representing Clark County are GOP.

And the idea that freeholders cannot act or have any say on the CRC is... well... totally bizarre.

Head on over and check the responses out for your own edification and no small amount of amusement.

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