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A bizarre email from No-Choice Royce and the fringe-left CRC scammers:

Royce Pollard has seriously thrown in his lot with his fellow fringe-left, don't give a damn about the people CRC Scammers as he tries to overthrow the most recent election, where Republicans took control of the county commission for perhaps the first time ever.

Up until the democrats lost control of the the commission, the very idea of a county charter was anathema to these clowns:

From their propaganda swindle sheet in May, 2011.
Proposed changes in county charter could be awful

Clark County’s government structure is somewhat antique and outdated. A system invented to manage road construction and not much else in the way of governance clanks along clumsily in a high-speed era of complex and varied civic action.

Streamlining and modernizing the machine appeals to the progressive psyche, but the folks who have convinced the Board of Clark County Commissioners to consider adopting a new county charter have other agenda priorities.

They hope to give rural interests dominance over urban values. They suppose they can make it harder for county government to raise and spend money on social problems and infrastructure capital.

They are far away from achieving their goals, but inattention from thoughtful citizens could ease their path.

Without much evident public support, the charter-change advocates have persuaded the county commissioners to start the ball rolling toward charter change for the third time in recent history. In January the board formally adopted a resolution to consider a move from the present form of government to something different.

Different how? That depends entirely on a panel of elected freeholders and how ably they can sell their program.

So far the county commissioners have ordained that, should the charter process go forward, each of the three commissioner districts will be represented by five freeholders who would be elected at the Nov. 8 general election. Any registered voter would be qualified to seek election to the board of freeholders. Upon their election the freeholders would establish a schedule of hearings and meetings for the consideration of what might be included in a new county charter. Upon a majority vote by the freeholders, the Board of Clark County Commissioners would be obliged by tradition if not certainly by law to lay the proposed charter before the electorate.
See: 2 years ago, they were terrified at the thought that  "They hope to give rural interests dominance over urban values."

Were they lying then?

Or are they lying now?

It's pretty apparent that they seem to have gotten over their hatred of the likelihood that the conservative/anti-CRC vote would likely result in a 4-1 GOP advantage around here.  I guess the "rural dominance" that was such an issue has vaporized.

So now what are they saying?  What are they doing?

They sent out this crap:

Clark County First wants to help you get elected!                          

Congratulations on becoming a candidate

We'd like to ask you a few questions.

Clark County First wants good governance in Clark County.  We represent a growing number of people that cross political lines.  They think for themselves and have varied opinions.  They ask questions.

Our group is very interested in the Freeholder/County Charter process.  To help our readers make educated choices in November, we would like to ask you a few questions.

Clark County First will publicize your answers on our website as well as use the information in our endorsement process.

Please send your answers to:

Please include your website, Facebook, and email address if you would like these made available to the public.


1.  What is your number one reason for running to be a freeholder?

2.  What is your opinion on Election versus Appointment of the County Administrator?

3.  How many commissioners do you think the board should include?  Do we have the right number now or should we increase?

4.  Would you support 5 commissioners if it meant increasing the county budget?

5  Do you support Initiative and Referendum at the county level?

You have not been added to our regular email list.

If you would like to receive our newsletter,
please visit the website to sign up
or reply to this email requesting to be added.

What's problematic is the rest of their web page, where they worship the local pit yorkie:

Freeholders is Happening!

The 15 positions were created in the three Commissioner districts and 123 citizens of Clark County filed for the jobs.  The freeholders will be voted on in November and then begin creating a County constitution with the capability to separate legislative, judicial, and executive powers, increase the number of commissioners, and decide whether some county positions should be elected or appointed.  Read the Columbian 08/10/13 article

Recognize that on that list are citizens who wish to reduce the power of Madore and provide fair and modern government for Clark County.  And there are Madorites on the list who will work hard to keep Madore in his free-reign of power.  A questionnaire is being sent to all candidates asking for their directions on key issues.  Those answers will be published here to assist the voters in choosing freeholders who will provide optimum government in Clark County.

Don't Vote...?!

Don't vote for Vancouver City Council candidates financed by Madore.  People not to vote for are Jeanne Stewart, Frank Decker, and Micheline Doan. 

Need some ideas on who to vote for?  Try these:
   Position 1 - Jack Burkman
   Position 2 - Ty Stober (or Alishia Topper)
   Position 3 - Galina Burley

John Laird defines Tea Party's backwards strategy

Taking the Park's Fees away does a couple things - it reduces income for the County and opens the door to unregulated abuse of the parks.  These effects in turn reduce the County's ability to function (i.e., provide necessary and expected services, like Sheriffs) and, in a backwards way,  allow for criticism of the Park Department, or the Sheriffs, for not doing their jobs.  It's a downward death spiral.  It is the desired outcome for the wrong-minded Tea Party anti-government zealots.  And they'll be the first to complain about potholes and lack of protection - and want to privatize services or act as vigilantes.  John Laird in his wisdom discusses these concepts clearly in his 07/21/13 editorial - get a clear understanding of the abuse the Post Office is unnecessarily taking.  Read the editorial.

John Laird says "People of Clark County deserve separation of powers"

"The blatant abuse of power here by conservative commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke" is the root of John Laird's column (Columbian 07/14/13).  Separation of executive, legislative, and judiciary is indeed one of the basic precepts of our government and is just a damn good idea.  Our County government when small and agile could afford to crossover those attributes.  Now with large population and budget, it is no longer feasible.  And the abuse it permits is totally unacceptable.

Freeholder-created Charter government is a way to correct this and once again provide good honest government.  Pay attention to the ClarkForward slate being aligned for Freeholders by Auditor Greg Kimsey and Commissioner Steve Stuart.  The people earmarked by this group can be expected to create a fair & honest charter that separates the 3 branches of government and shuts down King Madore.

One of the steps toward improvement is expected to be an increase in the number of County Commissioners - from 3 to 5.  As a confirming first step, a petition is circulating now to put the 3-to-5 vote on the November ballot.  This could make the increase in commissioners happen sooner and send a message to the elected Freeholders.  Sign or carry the petition NOW.  Call Dan Ogden at 360-254-8886, or Morrie Foutch at 360-608-7997.

Sign the Petition!

The petition to get the vote on the November ballot to raise the number of County Commissioners from the present 3 to a total of 5 is circulating NOW.  It needs your signature, if you haven't already done so.  The time is short for the circulation - it needs to contain 20-25,000 signatures by the end of July.  Call Morrie at 360-608-7997 to sign, or especially, to get a page filled out at a local location.

This is a good project.  Raising the number of good-government Commissioners is vital in reducing King Madore's power.  Every push back to his agenda is a blow to his power.

Saturday = 'Nay'.  Monday = ???

Subject:  The death of the CRC

Sub text:  Hypocrisy

Summary:  The CRC was voted down on Saturday.  On Monday the people who voted it down say we need a new bridge.

Madore, Rivers, Benton, and Herrera have sold SW Washington and the nation’s Interstate 5 down the Columbia River, and claim they did the citizens a favor.

Benton did Madore’s dirty work as CRC opponent and was instantly rewarded with a plum job and salary.

Rivers votes ‘nay’ on Saturday and on Monday wants to put a bridge committee together because “a new bridge must alleviate traffic congestion for Clark County residents” [Columbian 07/02/13].

Madore and Harris still talk about a bridge at 192nd Avenue.  Ain’t gonna happen.  No money, no design, no clear path.  A red herring.

Congresswoman Herrera did not support the Project either but says 07/01, “I believe if we are all dedicated to the task we can have a plan ready to go relatively quickly.”  The project designers have all been fired and any monies for building or design have been carefully excluded from any budgets.

Read all the jaw-dropping quotes in the Columbian 07/02/13

Paula Hammond, former WA State Secretary of Transportation clearly elucidated the Safety, Economics, Trip quality, and Community benefits to be gained from the CRC project.  She also stated the number of jobs to be lost by not getting it built.  She said, “According to a 2005 study, up to 6,500 jobs per year could be lost by 2025 without investments. A thriving economy needs a modern and reliable transportation system that the CRC project will provide. And while we are building the project, construction will support an average of 1,900 jobs per year for about 10 years.”  All lost now.  Read her entire article Columbian 01/29/12
The political snake charmers: Madore, Benton, Rivers, Herrera, have dealt a huge blow to the area.  They have made the people of SW WA look like fools as well.  Their agenda is to dismantle government, and they’re just getting started.

CRC Foes Celebrate, Civic Leaders Mourn

Picture The CRC Project was halted by a WA State Senate vote on  Jun 28.  The Benton-Rivers alliance in Clark County has defeated the procurement of a new I-5 bridge largely to have been funded by federal funds and to include Light rail mass transportation.  It would have brought jobs for the 10 year life of the project, and millions of dollars of revenue into the Vancouver region.

Madore was a leader in the defeat.  From the Columbian:  'Reached late Saturday, Madore welcomed the news — and reiterated his call for a third bridge over the Columbia River at 192nd Avenue.

One more example of Madore driving this community down  the drain.  A bridge at 192nd Avenue is never going to happen - Oregon doesn't want it, it wouldn't connect to I-5, 192nd is already built up as a shopping street, there would be no federal or state money, And he's heard all that for years.  Read the Columbian article - 06/29/13

"Clark County First wants to help you get elected!"

Indeed. They want to help "get you elected" NOW, because of their hatred for Madore and Mielke.

Two years ago, back when their only concern was "the rural influence" taking over?

Not so much.

If you disagree with that hatred, they'll do everything they can to get you trashed, and get their leftist sheep on the committee.

For whatever the reason, they're neglecting to mention their leftist roots... and who's behind this scam:

Royce Pollard.

Val Ogden.

Marsha Manning.

The creme de la creme of our local fringe left. Pro-CRC Scammers all, people who have never lifted a finger to get a vote on the rip offs they've supported for so many years.

So, when they sent this out, their true motives and plans?

They've kept hidden.

You know.... kinda like Pollard kept the true reasons behind the CRC rip off covered up.

So, beware. Caveat Emptor and all that.

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