Saturday, July 27, 2013

Another week goes by, and Lefty Lou maintains his silence on the CRC Scam blowing up.

You think it's because he's finally... too late... figured out that his babble, along with that of the pit yorkie's... is radioactive to their scam?

Yes, another week has come and gone since the implosion of the CRC Scam and the Leftist has yet to address it directly in one of his fictional columns.

Instead, we get gibberish that's essentially meaningless.  This week, for example, he regales us with more of his traveling circus about how he's wasting the rag's money on his travel budget... as if we cared... and one wonders: does he really have to brag about all the vacations he's taking on the company dime?

That said, if Scott Campbell wants to waste his money on sending Brancaccio all over the country, that's his business.  But how pathetic is it that all Lou's got to mumble about is a "Star" subscription, what a couple of veteran's had to say (It's just a damned shame that Leftists like Lou never bothered to serve their country) not only once, but twice for two weeks in a row, no less; and then he babbles about how he and his fellow scum should be even more arrogant and obnoxious when they use twitter.

Odd, that, considering his hypocritical moralizing over civility.

(And Lefty, not all the feedback you got on the veteran column when you should have been talking about the CRC Scam was "positive."  Instead of YOU actually addressing the massive shortfalls of YOUR project... that you've beaten the opposition to a pulp over so many years for.  Where's your demands for accountability?  Where's your demands for investigations?  Where's your demands over rooting those who supported this idiocy out of office and out of their jobs?

No where.  Because that's how you roll.)

And tomorrow: the pit yorkie's FINAL column of community pollutants!

Hey, what more can you ask in a blog post?  Bitch slapping Lefty Lou Brancaccio over his ongoing intellectual cowardice on the CRC Scam, and mention of the democratian scumbag's final column.


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