Monday, May 27, 2013

This Memorial Day, try and remember what the day is for.

All too many forget what Memorial Day is for.

In this push button-reset button world, most who don't bother to serve this country in uniform won't give a second thought to what this day is for.

They won't think for a moment what it all means... and why it's supposed to be something besides barbeque and races and softball.

The problem we've come to find out is that no one gives a damn.

I'll be visiting my brother if I can make the time work out today.  He's next to the Korean War monument at Willamette National Cemetery.   If I can't get back in time today, I'll go tomorrow.

I'll see row after row after row of markers and flags.  I'll see the family members who've made the sacrifice for this country that is supposed to make it all worth it.

I won't be blogging today... because this day is much more important than that.

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