Thank goodness that no one was injured, but, hey, I vote for Tim Eyeman intiatives, I'm a Tea Party Republican, I've got a Bluray in every room, four family cars, cellphones for everyone, eat out four or five times a week, am glad I moved here to avoid an income tax, have got more rooms than I need in my house, voted for Inslee who promised no new taxes and I have blamed our state workers for all our troubles too. This time, I don't think we can lay off enough state workers to get the money together to build up our state's infrastructure. By the way, does Benton have anything to do with bridge safety in this state? The Skagit bridge collapse would have been caught by a man who was doing the job he's paid to do, and we've got an environmental overseer man down here who will not do the job he's paid to do. What a deal, huh? Welcome to Washington folks, tax haven for the wealthy.