Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Had a little chat with Fredi Simpson today: she sees caving on the illegal alien issue as perfectly OK. Here's how it went:

The Washington State Republican Committeewoman asked me a question today:  here's part of  the entire exchange.

First was the post by David Castillo, who I supported as much as I could because Jaime Herrera isn't fit to carry his briefcase, as her despicable tenure in Congress has proven:

Congrats to my great friend Jennifer Sevilla Korn on her new position at the RNC! http://t.co/2rSIPMAiIZ

gop.comWASHINGTON – The Republican National Committee is expanding its Hispanic engagement efforts with the
When I was sitting in the state GOP Executive Director's chair, I fought like a wildman to expand minority outreach, believing then, as now, that the GOP must have a year-round, full time effort or otherwise cede the minority vote to the democrats.

As it turned out, I was right.

We got our asses kicked in the last election because the democrats rightfully point out that the only time the GOP gives a damn about the minority voters is in the run up to a general election.

So instead of doing what should be done, we're lurching left in an effort to out-democrat the democrats.

I don't believe that model pencils out.  Just ask Rob McKenna, Reagan Dunn and Bill Finkbeiner.  How'd that work out for them?

I believe that caving on the illegal alien issue is a recipe for national and political disaster.  And so here was my remark in reply:

And this is when Ms. Simpson asked:

  • Fredi Simpson What 'core' principles, Kage? We haven't had a comprehensive guest worker program in over 40 years. The system is broken from within. Something has to be done and making general statements like 'caving in on our core principles' will not fix what is allowed now. 33 minutes ago · Like
It appears that Ms. Simpson has forgotten Ronald Reagan's famous observation about government:
"In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem... government IS the problem."
 So, here was my reply:

  Kage McClued "Caving" equates to amnesty.
I have already eliminated Rubio from the list of candidates I might support for president.

Political expediency... out-democrating the democrats in a false play to get the hispanic vote WHICH WILL NOT HAPPEN now any more than it did when Reagan screwed up with HIS amnesty (And how did that work out for us?) is an abandonment of principles that have stood the test of time... so, instead of addressing the issues that cost us the presidential election; mainly, an incompetent campaign, we're lurching left and becoming democrat-light.

The GOP, which has remained essentially silent out of fear of Obama's violations of the law concerning his edicts over illegal aliens brought here as children, is AFRAID. And the GOP CANNOT win out of fear.

There are a great many things that can be done to address illegals in this country: we as a nation just refuse to do them. So, instead, we reward those who break our laws while those who FOLLOW those laws by staying in their own country and OBEYING our requirements are penalized.

It's not fair. It's not just. It's not right. There were many opportunities to deal with it when the GOP was in charge, and they turned the same blind eye as the democrats.

Here's the thing: even if the disaster of the Rubio scam is enacted into law, that STILL won't solve the problem.

What it WILL do is open the flood gates of even more millions who actually will believe their eyes and think, well, hell, all I've got to do is get over the border and I'm in. I get the free schooling, the free medical care, the welfare, the foodstamps.

How, for example, does that qualify as ANY type of deterrence to those who view our laws as just another quick obstacle to climb over and then, voila?

America is an illegal alien destination resort compared to many of the places they came from, and we've done nothing whatsoever to address that.

THOSE core principles. Obey our law, and we welcome you with open arms: come here illegally and you should be permanently bared from ever coming back here again, let alone that idiotic "path to citizenship."

We cannot have two standards: one for those who break our laws and live here, and one for those who follow our laws and wait.

And I will not support any candidate or party that believes we can.

There's more, but you get the gist.


Clark County Voter said...

Wow, she really doesn't get it does she.

Jack said...

Is she Blonde?

Jack said...

Nothing is "Broken" except the common-sense of the Dumb Asses in the Chickenshit Republican party

X said...

Fredi is a cheerleader. She is not concerned about principle she is concerned with being someone important in the party. She shows up deck out, get recognized and claps loudly and gets buttkiss done.