Wednesday, April 24, 2013

So, I was watching Senate transportation yesterday...

I saw the same, local, typically lying scum show up, saying the same falsehoods by rote; nothing anyone in opposition has said or will say ever made any difference to any of the CRC Scammers.

Paul "Identity Vancouver" Montague, who knows, because I READ to him, the section of the Oregon Supreme Court decision that laid it all out (There was no word that came out of his mouth that he wasn't lying about)... Kelly "Chamber of Horrors" Parker, Walt "I don't live anywhere near here" Keeny, a new CRC Scammer brought in by Identity Vancouver...    Union scum rolled up and groveled with their lies: Ed Barnes, chief among them.  It was their usual garbage... their usual shit.

Fortunately, as much as these 3 lied... and that was a great deal... it won't do them any good.


I have to admit, listening to these scum repeat the same lies, over and over again, bored me to tears... and I was, quite honestly disgusted with their testimony.

Larry Pursley of the Washington State Truckers Association, drove another stake though the CRC Scammers heart, for which we should all be grateful.

This entire fraud has been a shame... a crying shame.  A HUGE missed opportunity.  What should have been a responsive, open process; instead a colossal waste of tens of millions of dollars that will accomplish nothing except greater distrust of those who are SUPPOSED to be looking out for us who have, instead, decided to bend us all over and screw us.

Why the CRC Scammers have fallen in love with loot rail is anyone's guess.  But as we all know, the ENTIRETY of this massive rip off has boiled down to loot rail and nothing BUT loot rail.

Recent admissions from Scammers as high as the US Secretary of Transportation down to the latest scam figures from the CRC itself: this has nothing to do with congestion.

This has nothing to do freight mobility, since completion of this massive waste of money provides none.

This has nothing to do with the fake earthquake scam scares.

It's only light rail,.  It's always only been light rail.

And now, it's circling the drain... thank God.

As for the "bored to tears" line, that was, in fact, from that scumbag representing the 49th in the House, Jim "Molehill" Moeller, who was responding so thoughtfully to those opposing his efforts to rip us off for generations to come.

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